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The Bold And The Beautiful: The NOT-So Mother-In-Law From Literal Hell


Sheila’s back and she will likely become the ultimate monster-in-law!

The Forresters are going to be facing the ultimate monster-in-law with Sheila back on the canvas. However, this time she has a legitimate reason to be there; she’s Finn’s biological mother. We’ve known this for a week or two because it was leaked early. And, we’ve covered some of the reveal revolving around what Jack knows.

However, the shit literally hit the ceiling in today’s episode when the monster-in-law is officially revealed to the Forresters to be Finn’s birth mother. Ouch! The whole situation was a back and forth of how bad she is and all this stuff. Basically, it went in one large circle of “She needs to leave” and “She’s dangerous”. Then, at the very end, we get the reveal which makes poor Steffy look violently sick to her stomach.

But, it’s the reaction on Sheila’s face that makes her truly a monster-in-law when she looks up at Stephanie’s portrait above the fireplace. A sly smirk crosses her face before it just as quickly slides away. Whether there’s something deeper going on here is to be seen, but we know that something is brewing.

Sheila claims that she’s there for Finn to celebrate his wedding to Steffy, but we think there’s more to it. She finally has a genetic link to the Forresters. Well, legal ties at least. Baby Hayes is the child of a Forrester. However, we need to remember that biologically, Steffy isn’t a Forrester. She’s a Marone as Ridge is Massimo Marone’s son, not Eric’s. Though he is Eric’s legally and in the fashion designer’s heart. Though, this isn’t the way Thorne sees it.

Sheila’s Past With The Forresters Is Going To Hit Finn For Six

To marry into the Forrester means dealing with the constant drama. With Sheila’s history, Finn is likely to need several drinks to take the edge off. He needs to know that he almost killed Stephanie, almost murdered Taylor leading to Thomas Phoebe and Steffy to spend years thinking their mother was dead, held Ridge at gunpoint, switched babies. The list goes on.

Now, we understand why Jack was keeping much a massive secret from his son and basically everyone else. He even says that he was aware that she’d been in prison which was why he didn’t say anything. He was acting in Finn and Li’s best interests.

Finn has always been someone who wants to see the good in people, regardless of their history. Heck, he even gave waffler Liam a chance. They will never be best mates, but they respect each other for Kelly’s sake.

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