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WandaVision: 5 Tiny Tidbits About Monica Rambeau

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Monica Rambeau was the pint-sized star of Captain Marvel, but there’s so much to her than you might realise…

Ah, yes. Lieutenant Trouble, Monica Rambeau. The little pint-sized star of Captain Marvel. She stole the limelight from the titular character but in the best way possible.

The daughter of Maria Rambeau, Monica stood out in ways we never expected. Now, she’s back as an adult in WandaVision where she is an Agent of S.W.O.R.D., Nick Fury’s new organisation.

The beginnings of S.W.O.R.D appears in the post-credit scene of Spider-Man Far From Home.

Since Monica is such a fan-favourite from Captain Marvel, we thought we’d put together a few fun facts about her from her short time in the MCU.

1. Goddaughter To A Superhero

Monica might’ve been raised by her single mother but she’s also the goddaughter of a superhero and a future Avenger at that. Her godmother is Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel.

Danvers is the longtime best friend of Monica’s mother, Maria who saw Carol as a sister-figure as well as a fellow pilot. Before or after her daughter’s birth, Rambeau asks her to be the godmother.

For a long time, the trio were a family unit with Monica referring to Carol as ‘Auntie Carol’ and in return received her nickname of ‘Lieutenant Trouble’.

2. Not Afraid Of Aliens

Marvel Didn't Even Trust The Stars Of 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' With That  Post-Credits Twist
[Credit: Goat]

Who doesn’t love Talos, the shape-shifting Skrull that we thought was the bad guy? We sure do!

Moving back to Monica, she’s not afraid of aliens given her experiences with the Skrulls when she was a child.

3. Born To Fly

[Credit: Marvel Cinematic Universe Fandom]

Like her mother and godmother before her, Monica has a love of flying. She was the one who convinced Maria to join Carol’s mission to stop Yon-Rogg from killing Skrull refugees.

A comicbook reference to Monica appears early in Captain Marvel when the word ‘Photon’ is seen on the side of Maria’s jet during a flashback.

In the comics, Monica takes the codename of Photon when she becomes a superhero. She also takes on several other aliases including: Spectrum, Pulsar, and Captain Marvel.

From the promos for WandaVision, Monica is seen being flung out of what we believe to the false reality occupied by Wanda and Vision.

4. Monica Inspired Carol’s Signature Colours For Her Suit

[Credit: Marvel Cinamatic Universe Fandom]

Being as close to Carol as she is, Monica was the inspiration behind her godmother’s Blue, red, and yellow/gold colour scheme when she was in desperate need of an upgrade in order to rid herself of the green and silver colours associated with the Kree.

5. Believer

[Credit: Marvel Cinematic Universe Fandom]

Given her strong ties with Captain Marvel herself, the young Rambeau was always a strong believe in the idea that Carol had somehow survived the plane crash and had her presumed dead.

In conclusion, her prayer was answered when Danvers shows up at the Rambeau family home. She was looking for answers and information about Project P.E.A.G.E.A.U.S.

Want to know a bit more about Monica Rambeau? Before to check out WandaVision on Friday when the first two episodes drop on Disney+.

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