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WandaVision: Episode Three Continues To Unravel Wanda’s Mental State And Monica Gets Caught In The Crossfire


Monica Rambeau has become a target to Wanda’s unravelling mental state in Episode Three of WandaVision

We’re on episode three of WandaVision and it’s only about to get darker. Monica Rambeau became a sudden target for Wanda Maximoff’s unstable mental state when she mentions Ultron killing Pietro, Scarlet Witch’s late twin brother.

This comes after the not-mutant gives birth to her sons, Tommy and Billy when a conversation starts when Wanda mentions she was a twin herself. After seeing the necklace Monica – who is going by Geraldine – is wearing, she freaks and her mood turns dark! The symbol is that of S.W.O.R.D. the organisation that is currently monitoring the reality Maximoff has found herself in.

Now, the setting of the sitcom era this episode covers is the 70s so there were homages to The Mary Tyler Moore Show and to The Brady Bunch. While this has absolutely nothing to do with the dark shift that the episode took, it should be noted that there were indications of where it was going even if takes a few viewings to realise this.

We’ve previously covered the first two episodes and their Easter Eggs. We wanted to do something a little different for the third outing into this trippy series.

Let’s dive into what indicators there were and how it could affect the story going forward.

Wanda Could Have Made Herself Pregnant And The Common Hiding Pregnancy Trope

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Now, this might seen a little far-fetched by it’s possible that Wanda made herself pregnant. This is a theory by Vox and there’s a reason for it. Vision is an android so he can’t reproduce. For those who have knowledge of how Tommy and Billy came about in the comics, Mephisto played a role in their existence in the comics.

Also, we need to mention that Wanda’s pregnancy is incredibly rapid. Vision mentions their child was conceived twelve hours earlier. However, his wife looks to be at least four months along as the doctor predicts.

Given that Wanda has the ability to bend reality to her will, it’s possible she made herself pregnant so she could have the family she wanted with Vision. There’s been no reference to Mephisto outside of small ‘devil’ mentions like Dottie’s “Devil’s in the details” line in episode 2.

One thing that someone pointed out to us was the reference to how some actresses hide their pregnancies. Wanda is seen hiding behind a fruit bowl, a kitchen countertop and by wearing a large coat to hide her baby bump from ‘Geraldine’ or Monica. This a common trope when a pregnancy is not written into a script.

Speaking Of Monica…

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How Monica is used in this episode is interesting. She becomes the reason that Wanda’s reality continues to fracture. She just randomly shows up at the house asking for a bucket because her ceiling is flooding. The hidden S.W.O.R.D agent also delivers Tommy just as Vision arrives back with the doctor who then helps with Billy.

As we mentioned, the conversation turns dark when Wanda mentions being a twin and that her brother died. The mention of Ultron sets her off and this leads to Monica being thrown out of the alternate reality.

Agnes and Herb, Wanda and Vision’s neighbours and friends mention how ‘Geraldine’ has no family, husband, or home. While this doesn’t exactly tip off the android this does lead him to return to the house to find his wife looking like Rosemary from Rosemary’s Baby when he asks where their friend has gone.

We last see her as she lands on the ground and is surrounded by S.W.O.R.D. helicopters and cars. This will hopefully be explained in the next episode.

Typical Married Couple Tropes

Easter Eggs
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As stated by Wanda in Episode 1, she and Vision make an odd couple. In the 70s episode, we get more typical married couple tropes that were used in sitcoms back in the day. Though, they could also apply to today.

Here are a few we noticed:

  • Wanda and Vision disagree on what to call their child. One wants Tommy because it’s ‘old school American’ while the other wants ‘Billy’ because it’s a nod to William Shakespeare. They both end up getting their way when they discover quite dramatically that they’re having twins.
  • Over in the Jones house, Dottie asks her husband Phil if her earrings makes her look fat. Thankfully, the power goes out before he can answer her.
  • Vision makes a dad joke by saying that he cannot wait to be a ‘papua’.
  • The doctor’s wife complains about their trip away being cancelled so she cannot wear her new swimsuit.

Purposeful Sexist Jokes

[Credit: CNET]

What WandaVision episode 3 does really well is call out sexist jokes that were used in older sitcoms and in reality. We’ve had to look watch the episode at least twice to pick up on these:

  • The doctor says that women keep track of their pregnancies with fruit because it’s ‘easier’ on them. This implies that he he believes the opposite sex is scatter-brained.
  • He [the doctor] also makes a comment after Monica/Geraldine that assists Wanda in the birth of Tommy that she would make an ideal nurse. This is a nod to how no man would become a nurse and how it was always implied to a women’s only career which is again, sexist.
  • This one does not really count but Phil’s reaction to Dottie’s question about her earrings could be seen as sexist given he does not pay her enough attention it would seem. However, we know he’s reacting to her being obnoxious, bossy and totally up herself.

Dark And Odd Moments

[Credit: ScreenRant]

There were plenty odd and dark moments in this episode that we couldn’t help but notice. If we’re honest, there were a few where we had to scratch our heads. Hopefully in some of these will have explanations but for now, we’re just here to speculate.

Herb Cuts Through… A Brick Wall?

[Credit: Last Movie Outpost]

Wanda and Vision’s neighbour, Herb is seen trimming his hedges along his side fence, but ends up cutting through the brick wall instead. He brushes it aside like it’s no big deal. It appears that he’s dazed and not playing attention. Could the reality be beginning to affects of Westview?

An article by ScreenRant has given a possible theory for this. They theorise that the reason Herb is cutting through the wall to show the slow decline of Wanda’s mental state. We saw in episode two that she reversed the mysterious beekeeper out of their newfound reality.

The House Goes Crazy When Wanda Experiences Fake And Real Labour

[Credit: The Hollywood Outsider]

One of the craziest parts of last week’s episode was how Wanda and Vision’s house reacted when the soon-to-be titled Scarlet Witch went into both false and real labour. This may be a nod to her powers beginning to grow or it might have something to do with one of the twins she is carrying having similar powers to her.

Agnes And Herb’s Worry Over “Geraldine”

[Credit: TV Fanatic]

One of the weirdest moments in the episode is the concern Agnes and Herb have over Geraldine being around Wanda. They question how she has has no home, husband and is new in town.

Vision defends her and says there is nothing wrong with that. Then, Herb says there’s something not right and goes to reveal what it is. Though, Agnes stops him with “Stop it” which is the same thing Mrs Hart says during the dinner party in the first episode.

What this could mean is unclear but if we’re honest, he could’ve been trying tell Vision that Geraldine is actually Monica Rambeau or that she’s an imposter. Or there could something else he was trying to reveal like the people in Westview aren’t real or they’re dead.

Agnes’ reaction to Herb trying to spill the beans to Vision is not great. Does she know something everyone else doesn’t? It scares us like majorly.

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