If Harry And Meghan Were Cut Off By Prince Charles, Then Why Does The Duchess Wear Clothing In The Thousands Of Dollars Range?

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Money is important in order to live, so why did Prince Harry say his father cut him off and he only had cash from his late mother’s estate to fall back on when his wife wears outfits in thousands of dollars?

When it comes to Harry and Meghan, you never know what is true or false. With their soul destroying interview with Oprah almost a week old, there’s been a lot of debunking of things that were said. Though, there is one question that hasn’t been bought up. The Duke of Sussex said that his family cut him off financially in the first quarter of 2020. He continued by saying that all he had was the money left to him by his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

The palace has come out swinging. They say the Sussexes were not entirely cut off. This is according to the Daily Mail in their article that focused on debunking the interview. From what they were told by their sources, Harry received a lump sum to assist in getting his family set up in America. The cash came from his father until he and Meghan got themselves and Archie settled.

Charles didn’t have to do that, but he did because Harry is his son and he loves him. There’s another question here as well that needs answering. How can the Duke of Sussex make such a claim against his father when he basically had to raise him as a single parent after the death of Diana? Sure, William probably gets a little more preference because he will become king someday but the Prince of Wales loves his boys equally. Also, how can he spend time with his youngest when he no longer lives in the same country?

Meghan’s Wardrobe

Going back to the money, Harry got cut off and had to use his inheritance from his mother for their security. Apparently was a few million pounds (no idea what it would be in US dollars), how can he afford a $14million mansion, security, everyday essentials, bills as well as his wife’s extravagantly expensive wardrobe?

Just a quick look through the website, Meghan’s Mirror and many of the clothing items are not cheap for the average woman. If you’ve got a spare million dollars laying around to update your wardrobe go for it. The dress the Duchess of Sussex wore during the Oprah interview was in the $4k price bracket. If they were short on money, then why was she wearing something that pricy?

Another example seams back to when the Duke and Duchess were working royals. Charles had to fork out close to a million pounds for Meghan’s first maternity wardrobe. Let’s not forget the Ralph & Russo dress she wore in the engagement photos was $75,000, according to Insider.

Unless you’re really rich, who wastes that kind of money on an outfit that will only be worn once? If Harry had any sense, he would stop her wasting cash that could be going towards their mortgage, bills, you know essentials that don’t include one time worn clothing that ends up in a charity shop.

The Fight Over Free Clothing

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[Credit: Marie Claire]

We recently wrote a piece about a fight Meghan had with royal aides about designer clothing she got sent to her for free. The staff told her she would not be allowed to keep what was sent to her. Do we actually believe this happened? Yes, we do. The royals don’t take freebies. Also, Markle would’ve only worn the pieces once anyway.

A true fashionista finds a way to reuse what they’ve worn before. Meghan doesn’t do this, so what’s the point? Also, let’s not forget she was worth about US$5million because of her acting career and her lifestyle blog, The Tig. So, what happened to all the money she earned herself?

What Happened To The Missing Charity Funds?

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[Credit: Business Insider]

To end this post, we wanted to address the elephant in the room; the missing charity funds. The Sun reported that the former Sussex Royal Foundation was being investigated for the way it was being run. While the investigation was not formal, it would determine whether laws were broken.

To top it off, both Princes Harry and William were investigated for the alleged mishandling of funds. This brings us to the missing money which so happens to have been £300,000 given to the Sussex-run charity. We do not believe the Duke of Cambridge had anything to do with it.

The Sun also reports that the Sussex Royal Foundation got reported to the Charity Commission after it was reported £145,000 of the funds ended up going to Prince Harry’s ‘eco-friendly’ travel… charity? Travalyst.

Now, say for the sake of argument, the money going to Travalyst was a cover for something else… like, a certain Duchess of Sussex’s hefty price tagged wardrobe?

We’ll probably never know where the funds ended up.

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