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Home And Away: Nik’s Reluctant Modelling Career Kicks Off


A modelling career is not what Nikau wanted…

When things were only just getting back on track for Bella, her career begins to rise when she wins a photography award. She exchanges numbers with a talent scout who wants to recruit Nikau, her boyfriend to her modelling agency. We’ve heard from Nik a few times that he doesn’t want to be a male model. However, in upcoming episodes, the offer becomes too good to be true and he ends up reluctantly taking the job.

According to Back to the Bay, the couple finds the situation surreal and really uncomfortable with the amount of attention. However, over time, Nikau starts to relax and enjoy himself. What grinds Bella’s gears is how intimate the photos taken end up being. Nik is taken out on a night out with a fellow female model with whom he has to model with and enjoys himself

Bella sits watching with the green-eyed monster of jealousy on her face as she takes photos on her camera. It also appears that the scout or agent or whatever she is wants the cop’s sister out of the picture so she doesn’t interfere with Nikau’s career. Ouch! There is even a photoshoot where the female model kisses him with Bella watching on

The modelling world can be cruel especially when you have an agent breathing down your neck to look intimate with someone who isn’t your partner. Will Nikau keep the job or will he ditch it? Only time will tell what happens and whether his relationship with Bella survives this. After everything that has happened with Colby being in prison for Ross’ murder and almost dying. See the theory we had at the time for a bit more on what we thought might happen there.

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