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Coffee Spotlight: Moccona Oat Cappuccino

Moccona Oat Cappuccino

Nothing beats trying a new coffee. That’s why we thought we’d try the Moccona Oat Cappuccino.

We’re loving the chance to try different types of caffeine without having to go to a café. Our next Coffee Spotlight is the Moccona Oat Cappuccino. We bought a box at the supermarket before Christmas and haven’t had the chance to try it until now. It’s plant-based for it’s great for vegans and it’s low in fat.

Now, we love our Almond milk but we didn’t add it to this one because we didn’t need our first impression to be the major ick factor. So, what did we think? It’s not too bad. It reminds us of oatmeal but coffee flavoured. We personally prefer the normal cappuccino.

What’s good about it is that you don’t need to add any milk. Just add the Moccona Oat Cappuccino powder and hot water to you favourite mug, stir and enjoy. The best for me was that it doesn’t go cold as quickly as most other sachet drinks. I have it sitting next to me in my Grogu (The Child) keep cup and it’s been too hot for me to take a full sip and it’s been like twenty-five minutes.

The Moccona Oat Cappuccino tastes so much better than the Sugar Free Latté we had the other night. It is an acquired taste that will require a bit of time to get use to like all the drinks I’ve had with Almond milk at cafés. However, it doesn’t have a lot of texture just the taste of the oat as it slides down your throat.

Would we buy it again? Perhaps, but I want to try all the others in the range before I decide on a final verdict.

Voting time! I would give the Moccona Oat Cappuccino ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ (3 stars out of 5).

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