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Spider-Man 3 RUMOUR: Could Peter And MJ End Up In Splitsville?


Please say it’s not so! A set photo from the upcoming Spider-Man 3 hints at tension between Peter and MJ…

After a European adventure that ended up with a new relationship and a new enemy, Peter Parker (Tom Holland)’s life has just gone from bad to worse if a new set photo from the upcoming though still untitled Spider-Man 3 is to be believed. Could there be tension brewing between Spidey and lady love MJ (Zendaya)?

If an article from The Direct is to be believed, set photos reveal that MJ works at a Donut shop with her and Peter’s friend, Ned (Jacob Batalon). Long story short, there’s a rather frosty exchange between the pair before Parker walks out of the shop with a cup of coffee. So, what could’ve happened? Could it have to do with Spidey being framed by Mysterio?

Please Don’t Let Peter And MJ Break Up!

[Credit: The Wrap]

It took a whole movie for Peter to get up the nerve to ask MJ out in the first place. Then there was that whole kiss in London. Could the pressure of what happened in Europe be enough to put a wedge between them?

Could MJ believe that her boyfriend isn’t innocent? There’s also the possibility that they end up in the middle of a firefight and MJ ends up getting hurt in some way. Perhaps they end up getting into an argument about how dangerous it is for Peter to be Spider-Man and he refuses to give up the cowl. It could be any number of things.

It’s possible that MJ begins to question Peter over what they saw on the Daily Bugle where allegations of murder were made.

If we’re honest, it may mean Ned has to play Switzerland as he can’t take sides. Yes, Peter is his best friend, but MJ is his friend too, which brings us to our next point.

Could Tension Force Ned To Pick Sides?

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Ned has always been supportive of Peter no matter what. But, he’s also friends with MJ so he’s loyal to both of them. Also, we don’t know what his reaction is to his bestie being framed for murder by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). Will he back Spidey up or will he think he’s guilty?

Given his loyalty to his best friend and to MJ, could Ned be forced to pick a side? We want to say no given everything he knows and has seen since he found out about Peter being Spider-Man. But we cannot be sure as we don’t have enough information either way.

If anything, Ned might prove to be MJ and Peter’s saving grace by telling them they belong together regardless of the whole Spider-Man thing.

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