The Mistakes Meghan, The Duchess Of Sussex Has Made During Her Time As A Member Of The British Royal Family


To make mistakes is to be human, right? While this might be true, it does not mean it is okay to harp about why your life and your voice isn’t being appreciated…

We hate having to point Duchess Meghan’s flaws out on a regular basis, but there was an article published by that had a good point. It mentioned how the Cambridges and Sussexes differ in the way they approach their work. One thing that got a mention was the big names Meggy and Harry use for their platform. Meanwhile, William and Catherine promote smaller causes in order to create a bigger splash. Now, you’re probably wondering what has to do with making mistakes.

Let us explain by pointing out the biggest mistakes Meghan herself has made during her time as a royal, before and during her marriage. Before we launch into that, we need to point out this is not a post where we’re criticising the Duchess or even Prince Harry. We’re just looking at things they could’ve improved on, but have not.

Not Taking Direction

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Very early on it was evident that Meghan wanted to make changes to the 1000-year-old monarchy. In other words, she wanted to remove the parts she didn’t like and install things she did want. Also, she likely had the desire to be the face of the institution she now hates.

This is probably her earliest mistake. She looked at the pros and cons of being a royal bride and thought that the Queen – the woman she said she admired – wouldn’t mind her taking over. How very wrong she was on that front!

When you’re a royal, you have to take direction from courtiers and aides. Being an actress in tinseltown meant Meghan would have this down pat. It’s not like she ran the show on Suits. She was part of the main cast but was not the lead.

Going back to the earlier article we mentioned, Meghan’s desire to create a platform where she is top dog means she is the one calling the shots. This is one of her largest and most noticeable mistakes. She wants the big name gigs to be up on the same pedestal as the Obamas and the Clintons. She wants people to take direction from her and not the other way around.

Meghan pulled the same stunt with the staff that were hired to help her when she was a working member of the royal family. Firing texts and emails off at five in the morning might work in Hollywood, but it does not in the Firm.

The Excessive Clinging To Harry

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Holding hands in public with your significant other is perfectly fine if you’re a private citizen going about your daily life. However, as a working royal working alongside your spouse and constantly holding their hand is not on. It is shown to be unprofessional and tacky.

Over time, it has become apparent that Meghan wants to show a united front with her husband. However, the more this has happened, the obvious it has become that she does not want Harry to give someone else his attention, no matter who it is.

She wants his full, undivided attention at all times. It’s like she has him on a very short leash and she commands every move he makes. This is one of her biggest mistakes. For anyone who does not know enough about the situation might just pass the clinginess off as a sign of affection. However, to those of us who see through the facade, it’s obvious that Meghan in the dominant one in the marriage; in other words, possessive and her husband is hers.

The hand holding, back rubbing, and clutching of Harry’s arm when on royal engagements shows us something else. Meghan is uncomfortable. Now, you’re probably wondering why this might be as she was in Hollywood. She never appeared to want to do any of the work that was required of her. Basically, clinging to Harry was just her way of going along for the ride.

Me First!

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Meghan always insists on going first even around the Queen. Remember that engagement she did with Her Majesty when she was newly married to Harry? If not, here’s the cliff notes version.

Not long after marrying Harry, Meghan was invited by the Queen to accompany her on a trip. While this might be great and all, this story sours. When having to get back in the car, the then-newly minted Duchess of Sussex isn’t sure what to do and climbs into the vehicle. Sounds simple, right? Not exactly.

At all times, the monarch is the one who gets in the car first. However, Meghan just pushed her aside. When this happened, it was just assumed she didn’t understand the protocol fully and that’s more than okay. But it has since become a pattern.

Notice whenever the Sussexes are on an engagement, Meghan always pushes past Harry. To the Markle squad or whatever they’re called, this isn’t a problem as H (ugh!) is just being a good husband in letting his wife walk first. In reality, this is her domination over the prince. It is always about her and never about the both of them.

Looking At The Camera While Wanting Privacy

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Meghan has a bad habit. One of her most hypocritical mistakes – if we can even call it that – is she looks at the camera every time a lens is aimed at her. However, she preaches she wants privacy and yet she’s still programmed to look down the barrel. We know she’s not a robot.

It is like she knows the camera is there and is demanding, ‘Give me attention, I wanna be queen!’ Also, she is suing the newspapers in Britain for taking photos of her and publishing a letter she wrote to her father about his constant need to go to the press about her. While we’re on her side on this argument, she should not be entering a lawsuit that even she knows she will lose.

The “Poor Me” Act

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One of the biggest issues a lot of people have with Meghan is how she’s always finding the perfect moment to imply the ‘poor me’ card. When she and Harry were in Africa, they did a documentary and they were asked how they were coping.

Now, what rubbed so many viewers up the wrong the way with this doco was how Meghan was whining about how the royal family didn’t support her when she was pregnant. Also, she was moaning about how she was ‘not okay’ and how no one had asked if she was. The Sussex squad will likely jump in here and scream about her tears. Ah, they were in a third world country talking to people who have nothing and here she is saying she felt ‘unsupported’.

This is not the first Meghan has pulled the ‘poor me’ act. She has thrown tantrums when she hasn’t gotten her own way. If this post on Quora is any indication, the Australian tour was not at all as it appeared to be on the outside.

She even complained to her pal Omid Scobie that her sister-in-law, Catherine didn’t take the time to get to know her and take her shopping. Did she not realise that the Duchess of Cambridge had had just had a baby and had two little ones under 5?



Of all the mistakes Meghan has made as a member of the royal family, she has voiced her opinions on politics. This breaks the deal she and Harry made with the Queen when they ‘quit’ being working members of monarchy.

While it’s fine to have your own opinions, keep them to yourself. Yes, the presidential election is important but a royal – working or not – should not be giving their views on anything like this. The British royal family has always remained apolitical.

Meghan and Harry are British royals with titles and should not be aloud to speak out on another country’s election.

Details Revolving Around Archie

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Now, this is a point that we wanted to get across. We honestly believe that the public has no right to demand that Harry and Meghan show them Archie. They wouldn’t like it too much if they were told to show people their kids. However, there are things we do agree with.

Meghan and Harry have kept so much information surrounding their son private. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s things that don’t add up. When did the Duchess go into labour and why did they not release the names of the doctors? Also, what was with those two photos that showed the baby’s feet and part of his face?

Calling Social Media Users “Addicts”

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Meghan talks a big game, but when it comes to social media, she claims to hate it. This is a downright lie which only adds to the mistakes she has made as the wife of Prince Harry.

Before she even met Harry, Meghan was an avid user of social media. She had her own accounts and likely ran the ones for her blog, The Tig. Then there’s the speculation she even ran the Sussex Royal Instagram account. The evidence? There was American grammar on some of the posts. An example would be calling ‘nappies’ the US term, ‘diapers’ and spelling words with ‘z’ instead of ‘s’.

If the Sussex Royal account was run by a royal PR team, these mistakes wouldn’t be made. Meghan’s ‘attitude’ towards social media hasn’t really changed. She’s only saying things because it’s woke. She’ll jump on anything that is relevant at the time.

Since Meghan was such a social media junkie back in the day, does this make her an ‘addict’ too? Also, let’s not forget Harry had a secret Instagram account when they were dating.

The Need For A-List Stunned Wedding

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Now, who doesn’t love a royal wedding? However, who has a wedding with a bride who has been married once before and has A- list guests the couple don’t even know? The Beckhams, the cast of Suits, and Elton John and David Furnish we understand but the Clooneys and Oprah? How do Meghan and Harry even know them?

Meghan’s first wedding to producer Trevor Engelson was in Jamaica and the celebrations ran for like three days. So, why did she need to be married in a church with a veil with is traditionally preserved for royal fiancées who have no been wed before. And, why did the bride only have her mother who looked incredibly awkward on her own?

The Dress Code

[Credit: The Jakarta Post]

Finally, we wanted to address Meghan’s dress style as a royal. Can we say that it is one of her loudest mistakes since she joined the royal family. Half her dresses didn’t fit the way they should have and it all started with that wedding dress. Also, it’s obvious the duchess has hefty spending habits. She spent 1 million pounds on her maternity wardrobe, on outfits she will only wear once.

The wedding dress wasn’t anything like Catherine’s or Eugenie’s. Now, they were pieces of art. Meghan’s was simply white silk with a hole for the head and three quarter sleeves.

Meghan, being the royal rule breaker she was, felt she could ditch the hats and the leggings/stockings and wore black nail polish. If she was married to someone who was not a grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, then there would not be any issue. Also, she felt the need to show her shoulders when the monarch is against such things. However, Catherine has been known to do a similar thing at special events but she doesn’t do it all the time.

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