Supergirl: Lena Realises Her Mistake And Seeks Kara’s Help


Life is about to get very messy for the Superfriends with Leviathan and Lex on the loose. Lena has only just realised that her brother’s scheme to put the group and the Supers against each other was for his own personal agenda.

For an entire Season, Lena Luthor has seen her former BFF Kara Danvers as a hypocrite and a liar for keeping her identity as Supergirl a secret from her. We’ve already spoken about their friendship being over and whether it was a betrayal on the Kryptonian’s part. Now, the villainous sibling is realising her mistakes and has run to her former ally for help. However, will she get it?

Upon seeing Lena at her front door, Kara is far from impressed but invites her in to listen to what she has to say. Her former bestie mentions her mistakes and how she needs assistance to stop her twisted brother. She also admits that Danvers was right in calling her a villain. Well… no duh! She sided with her dastardly bro and now she is paying the consequences for her actions.

We hate to say ‘we told you so’ but… you made massive mistakes that could end the world. You should have trusted Kara from the start! She had a good reason for keeping her secret you, Lena! But, as always you trusted your brother and that cost you the only person who didn’t think of you as… well, evil.

Leviathan is a danger to the world and it takes Lena months to realise that her tech to make people be honest and peaceful wouldn’t work? Come on! Lying is part of human evolution and you’re a scientist who should have known better.

As we’ve said in our chat about Kara’s ‘betrayal’, Lena has a cycle of distrust. One lie, and it’s all over red rover. She doesn’t know what it’s like to have a true friend. In her eyes, there is no such thing as trust.

Will Lena Actually Learn From Her Mistakes?

Lena is a Luthor and Clark was right about one tiny thing. They don’t learn from their mistakes or at least Lex doesn’t. What makes this a difficult situation for Kara is because of all the terrible things her former best friend has said about her in as recent as last week’s episode. However, this was the bald baddie wanted. He didn’t want Lena to develop a conscience and turn on him. However, when she did, it became open season in a metaphorical way that not even she saw coming. However, does this mean she’s actually realising that her new adversary was right?

If the promo for the season finale is anything to go off, we would have to say for the moment, yes. We see Kara and Lena shaking hands. However, we don’t know where this will potentially end up. Will there be a truce and everything will go back to the way it was? We don’t know but we’ll just have wait until next week to see if there’s any chance.

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