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Dancing 2020 Grand Finale Is Here!

mirror ball trophy

Dancing with the Stars wraps up this week with the race for the mirror ball trophy.

This week was meant to be the semi-final for Dancing with the Stars Australia 2020. However, due to the Coronavirus, the grand finale and race for the mirror ball trophy have been moved to this week. Again, there is no audience, but expect there to be plenty of sequins and glitter as the final four battle it out!

Craig is joining the show via satelline after having to dash back to the UK. The eliminated contestants were not allowed back as per government guidelines of self-isolation.

Celia and Jarryd – Mirror Ball Trophy Winners

Celia’s redemption dance is Samba to a Michael Jackson song… we think.

Legs looked a little stiff.

Sharna said the lift went wrong a little but the transformation of Celia was amazing. Tristan said she redeemed herself from the the original Samba she did. Craig said he loved the shadow and the lift was a disaster.

Celia’s first score is: 24

Celia’s fusion and final dance is Contemporary and Ballroom.


Tristan said the emotion was what made the dance what it is. Craig said he loved that Celia put her heart into her dance. Sharna said she didn’t even look at the technique.

Celia’s final score is: 28

Claudia and Aric

Claudia’s redemption dance is the Tango.

Movements are much better than they were on her last tango.

Tristan said it was greatly improved. Craig said she outdid herself and couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Sharna said she’s so proud her.

Claudia’s first score is: 30

Claudia’s final dance and fusion is Viennese Waltz and Foxtrot.

Wow! It was so amazing! The song was in one of the trailers for Birds of Prey!

Craig said he would overlook her faults and loved it. Sharna said she loved it and her frame was improved. Tristan said they’re winners either way.

Claudia’s final score is: 30

Christian and Lily

Christian’s redemption dance is Cha Cha.

Wow! It’s so bouncy!

Craig said he did himself proud but he needs work on it. Sharna it was heavy but said it was too simple. Tristan said he enjoyed it he needed to see more strength.

Christian and Lily’s first score: 24

Christian’s final dance and fusion is Jazz and Viennese Waltz.

Holy crap! So amazing!

Sharna applauded the fusion and was in the sync with Lily the whole time. Tristan it was savage in a good way. Craig criticised bits but loved lots of it.

Christian’s final score is: 28

Ed and Jorja

Ed’s redemption dance is the Viennese Waltz.

So much better than last time!

Sharna said Ed is the most improved of everyone in the finalists. Tristan said he has greatly improved in his movement. Craig said it was serious and classy.

Ed’s first score is: 24

Ed’s final dance and fusion is Jive and Quickstep.

It’s so fun!

Tristan said he worked so hard. Craig said he’s so proud of him. Sharna loved it.

Ed’s final score is: 24

Who Will Win?

Fourth: Ed and Jorja

Third: Claudia and Aric

Second: Christian and Lily

Winner of the mirror ball trophy: Celia and Jarryd

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