Prince Harry Could Be Stripped Of His Honorary Military Titles… Not Really Shock Horror

Prince Harry is in the news…again and it has to do with the honorary military titles…

There are three honorary military titles that Prince Harry doesn’t want to lose. These are: Captain General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington in Bury St Edmunds and finally, Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ships and Diving, Royal Naval Command, according to YouTuber Murky Meg. The Duke of Sussex (ugh!) is desperate to hold onto them. But given that he has been living the high life for the sake of fame hungry wife, Meghan Markle, he doesn’t deserve to have them.

Here’s the thing. Why should Harry be able to keep the titles when he’s dissed the British people and his whole family? For god’s sake, he and Meghan skipped a remembrance service to attend the premiere of The Lion King just so they could pitch work to Bob Iger, the then-head of Disney.

Just that snub (yes, that is what we’re calling it) alone goes to show that Harry no longer cares about the honors he has been given. He has said for literally years that the military were like a second family to him when he was serving. They treated him like one of their own and not like he was the Queen’s grandson.

Since he has been with Meghan, he has basically followed her lead to make her happy. There’s been a load of photos that show him looking very unhappy.

Harry Gave The Military The Middle Finger

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Harry can bitch and harp all he wants, but he has essentially given his family and the military the middle finger. If he was in his right mind, he wouldn’t have walked away from one of the things he holds most dear. Yes, he has sued the Daily Mail or whoever it was for saying he abandoned his roles.

In actual fact, he is following his wife’s lead and suing anyone who says something ‘horrible’ about him. There’s a difference between telling the truth and giving a false narrative that sounds true. The military in Britain isn’t something to take likely. If Harry actually cared about his fellow servicemen and women, he would’ve stood up to Meghan when she demanded – not believing that Megxit was H’s plan – that they leave the UK due to ‘racism’ and that back that Markle was ‘hated’.

If Harry cared about the military at all, he would have stayed in the UK told Meghan there’s more to his life than just her demands. He should have a say in their marriage and not have to listen to her every time she has an idea that could potentially benefit them or rather, her.

Should The Queen Strip Harry Of His Honorary Titles?

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It’s never been a secret as to how close Harry was to his grandmother. Like his brother and cousins, The Queen isn’t Her Majesty to him. She is simply ‘Granny’. However, Meghan has feed him things where it’s gotten to the point where she has turned him against the woman he has sent much of his life admiring. Heck, Markle even said she had a great admiration for her grandmother-in-law.

After everything piece of crap Harry has pulled during the Megxit transition, this begs the question of whether The Queen should strip him of his honorary titles.

The simple answer is yes, she should. We’re not here to parrot what other people have said. It’s obvious that should happen. The same applies to his dukedom. Though, this wouldn’t go down too well with you-know-who because she wants the title.

Anyway, like we’ve stated, the titles the Queen bestowed upon Harry were not earned. They were gifted as they are honorary. One of these was actually Prince Philip’s which he gave up when he retired from public life. it has been said that the Duke of Sussex claimed it was an honor to take over a title or role (whatever!) that was occupied by his grandfather.

The Queen is the one who gave Harry the titles originally. She can easily take them away if she chooses. Bear in mind that her Majesty is in her mid-90s. She has seen so many bad behavioured royals to last several lifetimes. If we’re honest, she must be so annoyed that one of those misbehaviouring happens to be her own grandson.

Imagine Meghan’s Reaction To Losing Her Title

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To end this post, we just had to predict what Meghan’s reaction would be if she and Harry are stripped of their Duke and Duchess titles. We can imagine it would not go down too well. After all, she allegedly had her passport changed to say Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex rather than her actual names which are Rachel Meghan.

We can just see her with steam out of her ears and her screaming that now she has to change everything back when she ‘deserved’ her title. Hold on… she’s not the royal. Harry is. This would be a massive wakeup call to him that he has been played so she can have a better life where they don’t have to work.

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