Why We Knew Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson Were Never Going To Last


Miley Cyrus is a literal wrecking ball…

We use to admire and respect Miley Cyrus. Yeah, you read that right. Once upon we were massive fans of Hannah Montana and supported the actress’ jump into music. However, as time went on, she became to morph into something we didn’t even recognize.

When her romance with Liam Hemsworth broke, we were so happy for both of them. Then, they broke up. Got back together. Entered the engaged phrase and it was just a repeated process. After less than a year of marriage, they took their final bows as a couple.

Miley’s Dating History And Marriage To Liam

She was also known for dating well-known individuals including Revenge star Josh Bowman in 2011 before he married Emily VanCamp, Patrick Schwarzenegger (2014-2015), model Stella Maxwell (2015) as well as that very publicised fling with Kaitlynn Carter in 2019 after she’d broken up with Liam.

Liam is a hot dude, though his brother Chris is much hotter. Just saying! Anyway, what would the youngest Hemsworth see is someone like Miley Cyrus? We’re not sure, but he was with her for a long time. There must have been something about her that draw him to her to begin with.

Whatever the case, he should be happy with his life now that they’re divorced. A recent Harper’s Bazaar article alleges that Liam now has a very low opinion of his ex-wife. That’s not all, it’s also been revealed that Cyrus told the Call Her Daddy podcast that her divorce ‘was like death’ given how long she and her now-ex husband had been together.

Now, where does this put our other topic of discussion, Cody Simpson? Well, we’re about to explain.

Cyrus + Simpson: Destined Not To Survive

Miley and Cody had been friends for years prior to their year long romance. When Simpson was doing post-show interviews for his winning of the first season of The Masked Singer Australia, he openly gushed on Studio 10 about his then-new love.

However a week ago, it had been announced that the very public couple had split after roughly a year together. While it was sudden, it didn’t really surprise us. Now, if you’e read this far, you’re wondering why we’ve thought this.

Look at Miley’s history. Countless partners, both male and female, with only one long-term commitment. She is also known to love partying which might’ve played into all the times she and Liam broke up. Then, there’s the drug use and possibly the drinking. If the tabloids are correct, Hemsworth hated that his wife was continuing to act like a teenager who knew no bounds.

Yes, Cody is a good looking Australian dude with tats galore. He’s dated the likes of Gigi Hadid who appeared in his Surfboard music video and Ali Lohan and he looks great without a shirt.

Did Miley think that if she hooked up with another Aussie, it would make Liam want her back? Well, if that were the case then they’d be back together and it would just be on endless circle of he said, she said.

We love Cody and think he’s a cool dude, but he deserves so much better than Miley Cyrus.

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