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WandaVision: 9 Characters We Hope Are Mentioned


WandaVision is going to be full of fun and mayhem but will the series mention characters from the past?

Wanda Maximoff’s life hasn’t been great. She lost her parents at a young age and then she lost her brother and then she was forced to terminate her android love, Vision. Massive yikes! With WandaVision on the horizon, we thought we would list some of the characters we would like to be mentioned during the course of the show.

Since there are nine episodes, we’re going to list the same number of characters. We’re adding names which would be logical, not because we want it to happen.

Let’s begin. with an obvious one. Wanda’s late twin brother, Pietro.

1. Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

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One of the characters that we would think would be mentioned in Pietro Maximoff, aka Wanda’s twin brother. Quicksilver was killed in Avengers: Age of Utron… the film in which he made his full debut. His first appearance alongside his sister was in the post-credit scene of Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Now, there has been speculation for a while as to whether there might be an actual appearance from him in some way. After all, he has been dead almost ten years within the timeline of the MCU. Though, it would be best if he was mentioned as there has been nothing about Aaron Taylor-Johnson reprising his role.

There was an alleged casting call for two young boys to play Wanda and Vision’s twin sons as kids and one of the video auditions had a mention to an ‘uncle’. This relative would’ve been Pietro. It is unknown what happened with this piece of information.

2. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel

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One character that might be mentioned, given Monica Rambeau’s involvement in WandaVision is Captain Marvel herself, Carol Danvers.

Now, we don’t know the status of Monica’s relationship with Carol at this point in the timeline. There wasn’t anything referenced in Avengers Endgame. However, we do know that the pair will join presumedly join forces again in the upcoming Captain Marvel 2 which will also see the live-action big screen debut of Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel after the Ms Marvel series airs.

Since Monica is a main character, there might be a random nod to Carol or a quick mention in a conversation. For example, there might a reference made by Darcy about space travel and Rambeau might say something like “Ooh, my Auntie Carol works in space.” Or something like that.

3. Scott Lang/Ant-Man

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Given Jimmy Woo made his first physical MCU appearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp, it would only be fair if Scott Lang was mentioned. What other reference could be used since the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent turned FBI has only interacted with Ant-Man, Hank Pym, Hope Van Dyne, Maggie Lang, and Cassie Lang.

4. Erik Selvig

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Now, the reason we put Erik Selvig here and not Jane Foster or Thor is because the Doc is the more senior scientist. He’s had more experience in the scientific field than Jane and Darcy combine.

Erik had a limited relationship with Darcy because she was Jane’s intern and not his. His bond with Jane differed because he knew Jane’s father and was a friend of his.

Darcy could very easily mention him as being a scientist whom she’d worked with alongside Jane who is her best friend.

5. Nathaniel Barton

[Credit: Marvel Cinematic Universe Fandom]

Now, having Nate Barton mentioned might be a bit of a stretch. Why? Well, the only link anyone has to him is through Wanda.

Nathaniel was named not just after his honorary aunt Natasha Romanoff but after Wanda’s brother, Pietro too as he died saving Clint. Now, we know that Wanda keeps in touch with at least Clint because they are seen talking at Tony Stark’s funeral where Clint hugs her as they discuss those who have fallen.

6. Thanos

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If there’s one character who should definitely get referenced is Thanos. After all, he was the one who re-killed Vision after Wanda had to force herself to kill her robot boyfriend.

As she says to the Mad Titan during the Battle for Earth, he took everything from her. However, this version of Thanos is a previous iteration as the present day one had been beheaded five years earlier by Thor.

It could be referenced in a monologue or a voice over that Thanos was responsible for killing Vision. This could ultimately set off a massive chain of events for Wanda to want to take back what he stole from her.

7. Shuri

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Of all the characters on this list, Princess Shuri of Wakanda is a likely candidate and here’s why. She was the one who made the desperate attempt to get the mind stone out of Vision’s forehead when Thanos’ forces attacked Wakanda in a ploy to get to the android and what they wanted; the stone.

Perhaps there’s a mention from someone later in the season where Shuri or some reference to her is raised when someone else mentions something about being thrown a great distance.

8. Ultron

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One character that could certainly get a mention is Ultron. After all, he was partly responsible for Vision’s existence. After all, the body that became Vision was created for the murder bot.

He threatened Doctor Helen Cho into creating him a new body. His attempt to use it failed when the Avengers stopped him and transferred Tony Stark’s AI, J.A.R.V.I.S into it, hence creating Vision.

There might be a mention of how Vision’s body was first meant for Ultron.

9. J.A.R.V.I.S.

[Credit: Marvel Cinematic Universe Fandom]

Okay, we know J.A.R.V.I.S. is just an AI that was downloaded in the body that was originally meant for Ultron. But, what if he is mentioned to some degree by Darcy, Woo, or Monica. Perhaps, there’s a file on each of the Avengers and Vision is one of them.

Darcy, Woo, and/or Monica could look through these files and discover that there is more to Vision than just him being a creation of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. This theory is a little flimsy, given that we don’t know the first thing about S.W.O.R.D. in the MCU yet.

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