Prince Harry Is Looking Out For His Mental Health, But What About His Family’s?

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Prince Harry’s stinging attack against his family is a strike against their mental health…

For someone who is trying to get people to talk about mental health, Prince Harry is coming across wrong. Instead of advocating, he is lashing out like a small child throwing their toys out of the pram. He doesn’t think about the well-being of his family. You know, the people who got hurt by him and were thrown to the wolves? Let’s not forget this was presumably on his wife’s orders.

Harry and his older brother William have always been about talking about their mental health. Since Meghan has been on the scene, Harry’s perspective on what should and shouldn’t be aired in public has changed. As Royal Editor Richard Eden pointed out in an article by Mail Plus, it is great that the Duke of Sussex is willing to discuss something so personal, but at what cost?

The mental health of the royal family is equally as important as Harry’s is. However, the once beloved prince doesn’t appear to care. He forgets that his father is in his 70s while his grandmother, who recently lost her husband is closing in on 100. If he had any true heart, he would be telling that vengeful wife of his to back off and to sit down and learn her place. She is the reason he is lashing out for no reason.

After all, the Americans are pissed at him for calling their first amendment ‘bonkers’. Yeah, smooth move when your spouse happens to be a native of the country you just insulted. Harry’s new hobby of throwing everyone who ever loved him under the royal train shows how one-dimensional his mind appears to be. If he had half a brain, he would be dealing with his familial issues behind closed doors.

Yet Another Contradiction

Harry told Dax Shepard that when it comes to one’s mental health, you shouldn’t point fingers or blame anyone. Umm… isn’t that what he did when he threw his father and then, his whole family under the bus? He threw revelations around that they were the ones responsible for his drug and alcohol use when he was younger. Does he remember that he is the master of his own fate and how people felt sorry for him after his mother died?

The Duke of Sussex appears to have a very selective memory. He was running around Las Vegas and playing strip poker while smoking weed. Then, there was the whole thing with the Nazi uniform at the fancy dress party. People were sympathetic towards him then and made the excuse of “He’s young, dumb, and lost because of what happened to his mum.” Now, it doesn’t work because he’s almost 40 and throwing tantrums left, right, and centre.

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