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Chronicles Of Harkle: So… Prince Harry Can Get A Job With A Mental Health Organisation But He Cannot Get His Suicidal Wife Help?

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Mental Health is not normally something royals talk about. Since the death of Princess Diana, her sons Princes William and Harry have gone public with their own struggles. In recent years, the Duke of Sussex has spoken about his mother’s death and has all but profited on talking about it, thanks to his wife Meghan Markle. A couple of weeks ago, they spoke with American Talk Show Queen, Oprah Winfrey about how their life within the confines of royal life ‘basically sucked’. One comment that was laid out was how the Duchess was suicidal and her husband didn’t know how to help.

It is well-known that Harry helped to establish Heads Together with his brother and sister-in-law. It is a Mental Health organisation. In other words, he would’ve had the resources to help his wife. Instead, he allowed her to fear for her life. The world is also well aware that he himself has had bucketloads of counselling. All of this information is public knowledge so why would he say he felt ashamed to tell anyone he needed to get Meghan assistance?

Now, before I continue, I need to say this. Mental Health is incredibly important. I know so many people who have gone through their own battles and it is very scary to watch. I’m not saying that the Sussexes don’t have Mental Health struggles. But something smells off about Harry’s spiel about feeling ashamed about not getting his wife help. The reason I wanted to write this Chronicles of Harkle post is because the Duke of Sussex has himself a new job as the Chief Impact Officer at the San Francisco Mental Health startup, BetterUp, according to ABC News Australia.

Harry Now Works For A Mental Health Organisation And Had Contacts For Counsellors Prior To This

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[Credit: The Sun]

To take us back a bit, we need to go over Harry’s previous Mental Health charity work.

As I mentioned earlier, he helped in the founding of Heads Together which assists people in opening up about their struggles with Mental Health. If you click the link I have provided and scroll down a little bit, there is a video of Harry talking about how his time in the army helped him learn about service and resilience while also reflecting on his own issues.

After a bit of digging, I discovered that Heads Together was founded on 16th May 2016, either before or after Harry met Meghan. I’ll go over my thoughts on when the Sussexes met in another post. I’ve covered it partially already.

Here’s a few more fun mentions of Harry’s work with Mental Health charities.

  • HeadFIT – According to Town & Country, Harry helped develop HeadFIT as a mental health initiative which has partnerships with both HeadsTogether AND wait for it, the British ministry of defence which helps former and serving military persona with self-help tools like breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.
  • Crisis Text Line – When Harry and Meghan moved to LA, they ‘crashed’ a Zoom call with the Crisis Text Line in Atlanta, Georgia, according to The Sun. Yeah, I know this isn’t pre-Markle but it’s hard trying to find information that pre-dates Meghan.

Another project he has been doing is a Mental Health series on Apple TV+ with Oprah so he would’ve had plenty of contacts within the medical field to get Meghan help.

Then, there’s the new job as BetterUp’s Chief Impact Officer. How was he able to get this job if he didn’t know where to get help for his then-suicidal and heavily pregnant wife?

Other Ways Harry Could’ve Gotten Meghan Help

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[Credit: Hello! Magazine]

Now, the way that Harry and Meghan spoke about during the Oprah interview makes the whole thing sound like every member of staff hid under their desks and did nothing. It should be noted that the duchess allegedly went to HR (Human Resources) for help. Umm… HR is not for royals. It’s for the staff. Yes, she said that the royal family is a ‘family run business’ but they have different ways of handling their mental health help.

Also, why was Harry ashamed to get his wife help? If she was really struggling like she says – and I’m not saying she wasn’t as we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors – he should’ve asked someone. When he made these comments, it makes him look like a terrible husband, despite having gotten help for himself before. Was the reason why because Meghan was always this strong resilient person?

Harry could’ve also taken her to his own therapist. Another idea is that he take her to the Palace doctors who are on call all the time. Also, he’s been vocal about Mental Health for literally years so why would he know what to do for himself but not his wife?

Could Meghan Have Thrown Harry Under The Bus?

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[Credit: People Magazine]

Okay, let’s address elephant on the blog post, shall we? Could Meghan’s cries of suicidal thoughts be her way of throwing Harry under the bus? What I mean is, and this is just a thought, theory, whatever you want to call it, Markle could’ve made up claims to make Harry look like he’s unsupportive. Now, I’ll touch on this in a later post, but did it escape anyone’s notice in the Oprah interview that when the ‘revelation’ that has now been debunked of the secret wedding came up, the Duke of Sussex said nothing?

He knew that the ‘ceremony’ in their back garden wasn’t a wedding. Also, Oprah looked over at him to see if it was true and he just bowed his head. She bought Meghan’s story hook, line, and sinker because Meghan is the one funding her new favourite super latté brand.

Also, when Harry walked into the interview, he looked flushed and nervous. Thank you to whoever said it in a YouTube video. I can’t remember if it was Murky Meg or Yankee Wally. It could’ve been Sue Smith too. It was one of them. Love you ladies if you’re reading this.

Meghan was clutching Harry’s hand so tight that it looked like she was squeezing it every time he wanted to correct something. The one thing he did correct was the ‘racism’ conversation happening before they were married. Not when she was pregnant like she claimed. From what I heard, she gave him a dirty look that was totally overlooked by everyone, especially Oprah. I don’t want to think about the screaming match that probably endured after the interview was filmed.

Why Doesn’t Harry Do Something To Stop Meghan’s Lies?

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[Credit: YouTube]

It’s clear to me and to a load of other people that Meghan is the reason Harry’s Mental Health has taken a nosedive. I don’t think he’s truly happy. She most definitely is as she is back on home soil and she’s ruining the royal family’s reputation because she didn’t get what she wanted. That much is obvious. But to outright lie about almost everything in the Oprah interview is taking it a step too far, even for her.

Everything she has said has been been examined by journalists, YouTubers who cover the royal family, bloggers (like me) and so on. There is so much stuff that she has lied about that it makes me wonder; why hasn’t Harry done something to stop her?

Here’s the thing. He can’t because he doesn’t want his marriage to suffer the same fate as his parents’ union which was loveless, by the way. Charles only had eyes for Camilla and Diana was only used to secure heirs to the throne. There is no harm in wanting your children to grow up in a happy home with parents who are together. However, is it worth your own mental health if you’re not getting the benefits of being fulfilled and happy too?

Does Harry love Meghan? Yes, I think he does. However, I think she is manipulating him with the constant reminder of his mother’s death and how she and their children could suffer the same fate if he doesn’t protect them. It’s clear he knows that she was lying. He made the ‘fix’ about the racism claims.

I believe that Meghan has been wearing Harry down over time. If you’ve been following my royal coverage for a while, you might’ve read about what allegedly happened on the Tour Down Under.

Will Harry Ever Wake Up To What Is Going On?

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[Credit: Observer]

To finish this post, I want to address whether Harry will wake up to his wife’s manipulations. There is no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to that. As much as I want to say that he will, there is every possibility that he won’t. Meghan has been stringing him along for so long that she doesn’t really have an endgame. She wants him to believe that she and Archie and their new baby are the only family he needs in his life. Let’s not forget she cut off her own family, including her black relatives on her mother’s side.

Harry has never been the sharpest tool in the shed (please forgive the cliché). He had to have someone take his exams for him to get into the military because his grades weren’t high enough. His extreme paranoia about needing to protect his family from the big bad world has clouded his vision. He forgets that his brother and father have done so much for him, yet he chooses to side with Meghan on everything. It has become a toxic cycle that never seems to end.

At the end of the day, his son and soon-to-be born daughter need him. But given that he is in a country that is not his true home, Meghan has more parental rights if a divorce happens. He can’t simply take the kids back to the UK without telling her because it would be classed as kidnapping. Harry either needs to wake up to his wife’s lies and say something or allow his Mental Health to deteriorate further. It is his choice.

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