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Why Didn’t Prince Harry Get His Wife Help For Her Mental Health When He Knew How To?

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What kind of husband doesn’t get his wife mental health help when she says she’s suicidal?

To say the Oprah interview was a trainwreck is the biggest understatement of the century in regards to Harry and Meghan telling their version of the truth. A lot of their claims have been debunked as inconsistencies or straight out lies. However, there is one that still hasn’t been cleared up. Markle claimed she was suicidal when she was five months pregnant with Archie and that she was given no help from anyone. But, the Duke of Sussex has worked with mental health charities for years. He helped to form Heads Together with his brother, William and sister-in-law, Catherine and he’d had counselling for years.

Despite all this, Meghan’s claim of her declining mental health is being questioned. While we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, it makes us question what sort of husband Harry is to not get his wife help. He claimed to not know how to get her help when it’s pretty obvious he did when he had gotten it for himself.

Whether Meghan was using her own mental health to throw her own husband under the bus is unclear. Was this to punish him for whatever reason? She is a very domineering presence and the fact that he ‘corrected’ her on the ‘race’ situation is ballsy. We can just imagine the argument that ensued after the interview had been filmed.

Damaged Creditability

Mental health is a situation topic and why Meghan would claim that her husband didn’t help her is anyone’s guess. She is trying to erase Harry’s credibility as someone who has genuine issues with their mental health.

Prior to her time as a royal family member, Meghan did not appear to have mental health issues. She never spoke about it on The Tig. Though that does not mean she didn’t have it in some form. She was simply living her best life as a D-List actress. If her last ditch effort was to damage her in-laws, it’s not going to work. She clearly doesn’t think too far into her plans and here’s why.

Meghan didn’t think the world uses the internet to debunk her claims. All she was concerned about was her own image. We’ve spoken about this before in a piece which questioned whether she is using her husband to improve how she looks. If she’s trying to damage Harry’s creditability than it’s not going to work because of this photo:

mental health
[Credit: The Sun]

This photo is when Harry joined forces with William and Catherine to create Heads Together which caters for mental health help. In fact, this all went down around the time the now-Duke of Sussex met Meghan. So, for him to say that he didn’t know how to get his wife help is a lie.

Body Language

mental health
[Credit: Deadline]

If we had to guess, Harry making this claim could’ve been part of Meghan’s plan for the Oprah interview. She would’ve told him what he could and couldn’t say. If you look at his body language, he looks uncomfortable sitting there and having to listen to her lie. It’s also apparent when he walks out. Now, we don’t know if he was listening in to the conversation or not. Though, given he corrected what she said about the race conversation which he said he would never share in full.

So, we’re not body language experts but someone on YouTube – whom we cannot remember – pointed out Harry’s discomfort during one of their videos. The fact that Harry attempts to correct Meghan’s ‘race’ story is enough to make us see that she is the one controlling the narrative. She wants to put the royal family and the institution in as bad light as possible.

If you look at Meghan’s hand and how it’s basically strangling Harry’s, this is likely her way of controlling him without it being too obvious to those who don’t normally follow them. People who watched the interview and aren’t avid royal watchers would naturally assume that they’re a normal husband and wife supporting each other through a tough time. However, for those of us who know the type of person she is, we know it’s a control tactic.

Before we move onto the next point we also would like to point out that Prince Harry got a job at BetterUp as their Chief Impact Officer. Again, this is a mental health organisation. Does anyone see a pattern here?

Finally, We Have The Mental Health Pattern

As we linked above, Prince Harry got a job at a mental health organisation but apparently didn’t know how to get his pregnant wife help for suicidal thoughts. Again, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. If she had issues then it’s not a lie. However, any person knows that Human Resources is for employees not family members.

Given The Firm is run like a family owned business, it should be pointed out that other royals have had mental health counselling in the past. Princess Margaret had it and so did Princes Charles and William. So, for Harry to say he didn’t know how to help his wife, is totally untrue.

Finally, Meghan the secret Diana fangirl wanted to emulate her idol and the way she twisted the truth to make it sound like her late mother-in-law’s is creepy. How long is it going to people, especially to realise her actual goal to be Princess Diana 2.0?

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