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Umm… What? Prince Harry Tells People To Quit Their Jobs If They Want Their Mental Health To Improve


Who died and put Prince Harry, Duke of Delusion, in charge? He has some nerve telling his BetterUp buddies that quitting your job gives you better mental health, according to Ree Hines for NBC News. Will he shut his mouth for five seconds? What right does he have to tell us to quit our jobs? Some people cannot afford to do so. He doesn’t understand this as he has never had a career in his entire life. Here he is, at thirty-seven years of age, sitting and preaching alongside his forty-year-old wife in a multimillion-dollar mansion.

Harry and Meghan have never had to deal with being underprivileged. Sure, Markle can peg that narrative about the $5 salad bar all she wants, but she was never poor, and she knows it. Her father paid her tuition to all the schools she attended. Not to mention, her mother travelled all around the world.

People Shouldn’t Be Getting Advice From A Man Who Has Massive Mental Health Issues Himself

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We all know Harry is paranoid. This is not us trying to be cruel. But, he should not be issuing mental health advice to ANYONE. It doesn’t matter who he thinks he is. In his mind, he’s helping people, and that would be okay if he were a licensed health professional. However, he is not and neither is Meghan, though they have it in their heads that they are.

This is disturbing. A man who thinks that his wife will die the same his mother will and cannot understand why people don’t like them needs a better therapist. Wait, did he say he was seeing a therapist but then quit? Also, didn’t he say he couldn’t get Meghan into counselling because he didn’t know how when he’d done it for years? His excuse is to pin everything on someone else i.e. the royal family. Why? Unclear. Though, they [him and Meghan] didn’t like being part of a pecking order.

So, because Harry is sixth in line to the throne, his and Meghan’s roles are insufficient. Meanwhile, William and Catherine are important as the Duke of Cambridge will be king someday. They wanted to be taken seriously, despite Haz knowing they were not.

Harry Is Not King Of Anything!

To wrap this post up, we wanted to point out that everything Harry touches turns to ash. He points fingers without naming anyone. Not to mention, he says things like he warned Jack Dorsey about the Capitol Hill Riots but doesn’t say how he knew they were going to happen.

Harry’s mental health crisis has been going on for a while, but he doesn’t appear to realise it. Since he’s been with Meghan, he has become more erratic, unable to see anything from anyone else’s perspective other than his own or his wife’s. His jealousy of the senior royals, not just his brother and father, weighs into his mindset too. He believes he should be one of them, but threw a massive tantrum when he wasn’t.

Finally, his mother had every right to be concerned about him. She knew that he wouldn’t be able to cope with being second to William. However, she passed before she could stop him from spiralling.

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