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Men Who Murder Their Families: A Look At 5 Faces Of Pure Evil

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4. Chris Watts

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Chris Watts looked like he had the perfect life. A loving wife and two beautiful daughters with a little boy on the way. However, there was more bubbling beneath the surface that drove him to kill his pregnant wife and their daughters in an act that is very much domestic violence related.

Watts claimed not to have a reason for killing his family, but he did show resentment for his wife due to having ‘clashing personalities’. It appears he has a controlling nature. This is basically how he described the relationship he had with his spouse.

The couple had financial issues. This was because of their wedding and appointments to the doctor for the kids had left them out of pocket. They were talking about bankruptcy.

The Letter

According to an article published by, he wrote a letter in how he killed Shanann, Bella and Celeste. It also revealed why he murdered them; he wanted to start a new life with his secret mistress, Nichol Kessinger.

Watts strangled Shanann and their daughters and buried his pregnant wife with their unborn son in a shallow grave. He then dumping the girls’ bodies in an oil tank. He also played the part of grieving husband when he went on national television, pleading for their safe return.

The letter Watts wrote details that he smothered the girls with pillows from their beds but they woke up. They got up and went to their parents’ bedroom where they watched their father wrap their mother in a bedsheet. He had to go back and finish the job on the girls.

Drugging His Wife

The murderer claims he slipped his wife, Oxycodone, hoping she would miscarry. In his mind, it would have been better for his mistress if there was no baby. He is also a liar as he tells Kessinger that he is in the middle of divorcing Shanann.

What makes this such a horrible story is that Bella, the eldest daughter saw her father murder her sister. Not to mention, all Shanann wanted was to have the fairytale family life with the loving husband and kids. She also wasn’t stupid. Shanann could see Chris was acting suspiciously as she’d seen the credit card bills. There were payments that had nothing to do with her.

The most sickening part of this crime is Watts blaming his wife for murdering their daughters. He claims she did it in a fit of rage and that he retaliated by killing her. It is unknown if domestic violence ever played a part. Currently, he serving five life sentences for his crimes and did not receive the death penalty.

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