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Men Who Murder Their Families: A Look At 5 Faces Of Pure Evil

domestic violence

3. Anthony Harvey

Domestic Violence
[Credit: ABC]

Anthony Harvey was 25 when he killed his wife, three kids and mother-in-law in Western Australia.

According to Justice Stephen Hall, the women didn’t suspect that their husband and son-in-law would murder them or the three little girls while they slept. Harvey kept a journal which detailed that he planned to the murders.

 A passage from the journal is as follows:

I am no psycho. I feel. I fell too much, I always have… I will regret what I do.

Justice Hall said that the entries in the journal were not a record of dark fantasies.

According to the evidence, Harvey’s wife and mother-in-law were struck in the head with a pipe and stabbed with a large knife. His wife was stabbed 12 times. Harvey’s daughters were killed with a smaller knife than the one he used on their mother. The eldest daughter is stabbed a total of 38 times. The bodies were then covered with a doona with flowers along with apology notes.

To keep his wife’s employer at bay, Harvey lied as a way to cover up her absence. He later turned himself in 1500km away in Pannawonica at the police station.

Odd Case

What makes this unlike any other case on this list is there were not any definitive domestic violence factors. Harvey said he was not mad at his family and that his marriage was good.

The one thing that come out of it was Harvey’s mental health assessment which revealed he had high-functioning Autism. The judge ruled that despite the murderer pleading guilty to all five murders, he also had narcissistic personality disorder.

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