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What Happened To Melissa Caddick?

Melissa Caddick

The case surrounding missing businesswoman and alleged fraudster, Melissa Caddick keeps getting stranger…


There is something odd going on with the disappearance of businesswoman, Melissa Caddick. The allegedly fraudster’s foot was found washed up on a beach as per Pedestrian. It is thought that the police have a theory into what happened to her. Since the grisly discovery, more body parts have shown up including a belly button, intestines, human bones and part of a person’s torso.

Tests are currently being carried out to determine whether the remains are those of Melissa Caddick.

Before we dive into the theory, we’re just going to go over what exactly happened prior to the remains of Melissa Caddick being found.

How Did All This Start?

On November 12th 2020, Melissa Caddick exited her home and went for a run. Only, she never returned. The next day, her husband reported her missing. It is alleged that prior to her disappearance, she had been scamming colleagues, friends, clients, and family out of millions of dollars.

According to court documents, as mentioned by 9Nnews, her first known illegal fraudulent activity was in May 2009 when she set up a financial firm despite not having the licences to do this.

In 2013, she married her husband.

Melissa’s crimes continued over the course of eleven years where she convinced clients to hand over their well earned cash. She told them she was investing it when she actually wasn’t. Instead, she went on a spending spree. She even went so far as to buy a house in Dover Heights worth over $6million dollars.

The last day Melissa Caddick was seen alive was on November 11th 2020 before her foot was found washed up in her running shoe on February 21st 2021.


7News has presented a theory as what happened to Melissa Caddick. They say that it’s possible that her death might’ve occurred the same day. This means means her body ended up in the water at some point during the 24-hour period in which she went missing.

However, there is an easy way to debunk this theory.

If Caddick did die on the day she disappeared, then the remains that have been found may not be hers. The parts found are recent whereas if Melissa died soon after disappearing, the remains would’ve deteriorated, depending on exposure.

According to Doctor Xanthe Mallet:

Three months is quite a long time, I would be interested to know the decomposition level to determine if the body was in the water immediately after she disappeared.

We’re sure to get an answer as to whether the remains found really are that of Melissa Caddick soon.

Was It An Accident, Murder, Or Suicide?

The number one question is what fate did Melissa Caddick meet? Was an accident, murder, or suicide? At the moment it is hard to tell, but the authorities are looking at foul play or the alleged fraudster took her own life.

If it were homicide, there would be no shortage of suspects. She allegedly stole money from a load of people over eleven years. However, if it were suicide, it would mean she would’ve ended her life so she would avoid persecution and facing her alleged victims.

Finally, there is a possibility that her death was purely an accident.

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