Melania Trump Is Apparently Not A Great Person To Work For


Everyone is entitled to their opinions on the Trump family. While there has been plenty of conversation about the POTUS, very few talk about the FLOTUS, Melania, that is, until now.

Melania Trump. Former model. Mother of The Donald’s youngest child, Barron. Stepmother of Don Jr, Ivanka, Eric, and Tiffany. Loyal wife. First Lady of the United States. Not a great employer, apparently.

The First Lady’s former advisor, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is writing a tell-all about her time working for the FLOTUS. According to Huffington Post UK, the book will be called Melania And Me: The Rise And Fall of my Friendship With The First Lady.

Wolkoff said says of Melania:

She wasn’t really my friend. In fact, I wish I had never met her.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff on her friendship with Melania Trump

The pair had allegedly met in 2003 where Wolkoff worked for Vogue magazine.

Wolkoff is believed to have written in her tell-all the details of the relationship between Melania and her eldest stepdaughter, Ivanka. The former advisor has alleged she and Mrs Trump “bellied over with laughter” when the president called his favourite daughter “Princess”.

It should be noted that Wolkoff was rebuffed when she started to question the budget for Trump’s Inaugural celebrations. For anyone thinking, “Huh?” Here’s the cliffnotes version, Obama’s 2009 Inauguration was much less. The Trump event cost a staggering US$107 million.

Melania And Her Quest For Privacy

Despite the turbulent relationship between Melania and Ivanka and Wolkoff, the former advisor details that the First Lady remained in New York after her husband was sworn into office so her son, Barron wouldn’t have to be pulled from school. She also gave zero Fs as to what the public thought of her not standing with her husband.

In mid-2017, Melania and Barron moved from New York and into the White House.

It should be noted also that around the time of the Inauguration, there was footage of where Melania is seen to smile but frowns when her husband turns to look at her. This wasn’t because she was unhappy with her new title. Barron had accidentally kicked her in the ankle as he was standing at her side.

Melania would do anything for her son and there is no doubt about that. She also did the right thing in wanting to keep Barron in a normal routine for the first few months of his father’s presidency. It is also none of the public’s business.

Our Verdict

Finally, Wolkoff has every right to come out with her side of the story. She worked for free and was away from her own family. Melania was said to have changed from the first meeting with her former employee to her marrying Trump.

In conclusion, Melania’s loyalty to her husband is what destroyed her friendship with Wolkoff. While it is nobody’s business in what she does in her marriage, is it in the public’s best interest when she is backing Donald with his outrageous sentiments that could cause more harm to America’s future than good.

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