Meghan’s Cries Of Being The Victim Of Racism And Not Being Able To Use Her Voice Need To Stop

The world is racist. There is no denying that and yes, there are people out there who speak out about it, but Meghan, Duchess of Sussex seems to think the royal family is against her and that she needs to be the one to educate the world on racism.

There is no such thing as perfection in the world and nor will there ever be. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex seems to think that racism is something that affects only her. In March, she and husband Prince Harry left the UK, his home of 36 years for a life in her home country of the USA. If this had been another royal couple, very few people wouldn’t have battered an eyelash.

However, this is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who are a couple who are known to push their own agenda. When no one agrees with them, they complain and claim that people are out to get them because their views are different to everyone else’s.

Since before the build up for Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s Sussex biography Finding Freedom even started, there’s been rumours floating around the interwebs that the couple had some say into what went into the book. In saying that, there are private details that only they would know.

So, you’re probably wondering how racism comes into this whole dilemma. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t. Not really. Yes, Harry put out a strongly worded statement when he and Meghan were now dating, but you would think the media would’ve learned their lesson. In their eyes, the press are the ones in the wrong all the time.

[Please note this is simply an opinion piece]

The Royal Family Refuse To Bend To Meghan

Before all the racism drama sparked, when Meghan joined the royal family as Harry’s girlfriend, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. She might claim to have said she was naive when she joined the Firm, but the truth of the matter is, she wasn’t. Far from it. It’s no secret she idolised Princess Diana. She has worn her jewellery on more than one occasion.

However, the former actress thought she could change how the royal family works. She believed she would be the one to modernise an institution that has stood for hundreds of years. Sorry, Meghan but you never be Queen of anything. If you want this role, you should’ve gone after William. Catherine will one day sit on the throne alongside her husband.

Meghan will be nothing more than a follower and never a leader, no matter how badly she wants to be. The royal family is being blamed by the Sussexes for not agreeing to their lists of ‘demands’. Yeah, we’re calling them that because they throw tantrums if their ideas are declined.

The royal family are used to structure and do not like the idea of modifying it unless it’s absolutely necessary such as currently with the coronavirus. The courtiers saw how much trouble Meghan was going to be and were wary. They were not being racist; they wanted to ensure that the Duchess of Sussex didn’t undo all their hard work.

Yes, Princess Michael of Kent’s Racist Gaffe

Before all your Meghan stans say, “You forgot about the controversy surrounding Princess Michael of Kent!”, we didn’t. Yes, the wife of the Queen’s cousin did wear a Blackamoor brooch to Christmas festivities in 2017 according to Harper’s Bazaar and it was criticised given Megsy being biracial and it was an insult to who she is.

What annoyed us about that wasn’t Meghan’s reaction. She had every right to be insulted since her mother is black and her father is white. Princess Michael claimed to not know what the brooch represented but had worn it multiple times before.

The Cruel British Media

It is no secret that the British media is cruel and there is often a racist undertone to what they write about Meghan. That fact has never been ignored. But, the royal family have a policy that they have followed for decades, “Never complain, never explain.”

How many stories have been in the press over the years about Catherine being pregnant with twins? There was a story a few months back where one of Australia’s gossip magazines published a story about Meghan having twin girls on the way. The photo that was used came from the same event where this iconic snap happened:

[Credit: Town and Country Magazine]

Meghan has felt that addressing the issue at hand will fix the problem. It hasn’t. She wants to be seen as a woman who is shaping the next generation of the monarchy. From an outsider’s perspective, she is only adding more fuel to the fire. The more you try to correct a situation, the more likely you’ll fall on your face.

In other words, she is only setting herself and Harry up for failure. The media will report what they want. Sure, it’s fine to sue a publication for unauthorised photos of a child who cannot defend themselves. Look at the drama concerning the images of Archie as one example. But doing it constantly is only going to make an already fragile situation worse.

Meghan Just Needs To Keep Her Opinions To Herself!

No matter what your opinion of the Duchess of Sussex is, calling the racism card is not on and Meghan is only making the world turn on her more. It is not a good look. She is simply looking an excuse to trash her husband’s family who were nothing but welcoming to her.

The Duchess has taken so-called subtle digs at her more famous in-laws in some of the interviews she has done, including one she did recently regarding the upcoming US presidential election where she is telling people to vote. It shouldn’t matter if she’s no longer a working royal or not. She should not be speaking out about something like this since she has a title.

Once you’re associated with the royals, that’s it. You can’t just voice your opinion because you feel you need to. In all honestly, Meghan should just keep her goddamn opinions to herself. She’s only causing more issues by ‘using’ her voice. If it was anyone else, sure it would be fine as long as they weren’t dissing the Firm and causing problems.

Meghan is used to the limelight. Her time as an actress should have taught her a few life lessons. One of those should’ve been to be careful what you wish for in a partner. Harry simply follows her around by clutching her hand and doing as she wants. She runs their marriage and is always looking for opportunities to promote herself. Her famous friends might be fooled but the world is not.

Will Meghan Ever Go Back To The UK?

No, the Duchess of Sussex will likely remain in the US as it is her ‘safe’ place. She is placing the blame on basically the entirety of the UK for how she was treated and not just the royal family. While she has not played the racism card on the whole country of her husband’s birth, its certainly been implied.

Not to mention, the UK people are sick of all the drama. An article by the publication, Inquisitr which was published back in April of this year, has revealed the Sussexes are not in the good books of the British people. A poll was conducted on 1,500 individuals in England.

According to the article, 36% of people we had a negative view of Meghan while only 20% had a positive perception of her. A secondary poll was also conducted in the same manner for Harry which said there was an negativity factor of 33% while only 19% of people felt positively about him. Ouch!

The people see the truth behind the Sussexes. They are simply bottom feeders who cry and complain every time something doesn’t go their way. In regards to Meghan, she is the reason she and Harry quit the monarchy. She couldn’t handle the pressures of being a royal.

Whether Harry will go back is anyone’s guess. However, we do not want to predict what might happen if there’s a bust up, especially when Archie is concerned.

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