Meghan Allegedly Fears Losing Her Title And Wants Harry To Tone Down His Attacks On His Family…Yeah, We Don’t Buy It


How can you fear losing a title that you claim you never cared for? Answer us that, Meghan…

Okay, so answer us this. If Meghan never cared about having a title, then why she is fearful of it being taken away? The Mirror reports that the former actress and wife of Prince Harry is shaking in her boots at the prospect of her moniker of ‘The Duchess of Sussex’ could be removed if her royal husband keeps throwing his family in the furnace.

During the Oprah interview, Meghan made the claim that she did not care about the title because she’s American. Umm… then, why is she commercialising on it? Also, has she suddenly forgotten she married a Prince whose family took her in and treated her as one of its own? Then, she proceeds to trash them by claiming her sister-in-law made her cry and saying the whole family is racist for questioning the colour of her unborn child’s skin.

If she hates her in-laws THAT much, then why does she still use the title her extremely powerful grandmother-in-law bestowed upon her? We know we sound like a major broken record by parroting what everyone else has been saying but we’ve got the same thoughts.

What Meghan Allegedly Thinks Will Happen If She Loses Her Duchess Title

According to the Mirror article, it is said that Meghan believes if the dukedom is stripped from Harry and her, then it will be a ‘PR disaster’. Yeah, it will be because people won’t work with them if they don’t have the title. She’s right in that respect.

They do not offer anything outside of the title the Queen gave them. Meghan is not a very good actress and Harry has no experience outside of his charity work. He barely got through high school.

It is also alleged that Meghan has told Harry they need to tone down their attacks on his family if they want to maintain their title. She allegedly has been flooded with offers of work because of her being a Duchess.

Our Thoughts

Finally, we want people to see that businesses in American only want Meghan because of her title. If she were just ‘Rachel Meghan Markle’, then they would not touch her with a ten-foot pole. They want the title, not the person and Markle knows this or she’s just too oblivious. After all, her husband has made them both look like a laughing stock by calling the First Amendment ‘bonkers’.

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