The Sussexes: Meghan, The Duchess Of Naivete?


Duchess Meghan is spoilt. There’s no denying that, but was she actually naive to what life as a royal consort would be like?

Imagine being a gem of the small screen. You’re on a tiny show that very few people have seen, let alone heard of. You meet a prince, fall in love, get married, receive a title and then have a baby. Seems simple, right? Wrong! To Rachel Meghan Markle, she hit the big time when she met Prince Harry, the second son of the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles. She uprooted from America and her second home in Canada fulfil every little girl’s fantasy; to be a princess. However, her idea of the perfect life is nothing more than the illusion of spoilt woman who is compared to the likes of Wallis Simpson.

However, Meghan has the attention span of a fly. She has always had an adoring eye for the camera. However, she is spoilt to the point of it being ridiculous. Here is a woman who claimed not to know who Harry was when they met. As we’ve said multiple times before, she grew up idolising his mother and read countless biographies on her. Now, she wants ‘privacy’ but is always in the limelight? Double standards, much Meg?

It All Started With A Quora Question

The reason we wanted to write this post is because of the response we received to the following question on Quora:

Recently, Paul Burrell said that Meghan Markle had no idea what she got into. Do you agree with this statement?

Question on Quora

We could not believe the response it got! 144 upvotes, 10.6k views, 12 comments and 1 share. Those stats are still rising! Holy crap! All this occurred over the course of about a week. We’ve had a view count on other posts on Quora but not to this extent. Thank you to all who share it and upvoted. It means so much.

The answer we gave stems from information that Ninaki Priddy gave to the Daily Mail prior to the 2018 wedding. It also backs up what Princess Diana’s former butler has said, as per Fox News.

Priddy said that Meghan wanted to be Diana 2.0 while Burrell believes the Duchess of Sussex had zero idea what she’d gotten herself into when she got together with Harry. With all this being said, we’re saying she knew exactly what she was walking into. But, as we stated in our Quora answer, she did not understand what she was walking into and we’re going to explain why we think this.

We need to stress before we carry one with this post that we are not trying to insult the Duchess of Sussex.

Not Understanding Royal Life

As we stated in our Quora answer, Meghan simply did not understand what it meant to be a royal consort. She naturally assumed that she would get to wear tiaras, have people bow down to her because of her title. She claimed that she gave up her career to be a royal and yet, she is bad mouthing her husband’s family. Why? She does not want to face the fact that she will never be Queen.

We’ve spoken about how Meghan may have perceived her sister-in-law Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge as a threat. Was this the reason the future Queen/Princess Consort – whatever comes first – was portrayed as uncaring in the Sussex fluff read Finding Freedom? It may appear that way.

What Meghan did not understand is that Catherine had two toddler kids and a baby demanding her attention. She also had her own duties to attend to. Kate wouldn’t have had time to go shopping with her. If there was one person who wasn’t putting in the effort, it was Markle herself. She assumed because she was linked to one of the world’s most famous families that she would be set for life. She could retire from acting and live comfortably as a result.

Her spoilt nature couldn’t have prepared her for the uphill battle she would undertake. While royal wives like Catherine and Harry’s aunt Sophie, The Countess of Wessex had been with their now-husbands for years prior to marriage, she herself didn’t have that luxury.

There is more to royalty that just wearing pretty dresses and jewellery. Senior royals actually go out and talk to charities and chat with important people. She says she wants to difference in the world and to be the most famous person on the face of the Earth.

Not The Most Powerful

Awhile ago, we posted about an online summit Meghan participated in where the interviewer called her out for not being the most powerful woman involved. She didn’t like being told that there was more people like her. In saying this, she has an ego where she expects everyone to kiss her ass because of who she is.

Just because she has a title, does not make Meghan a powerful person. There are a load of other royals we can name who have actually made a difference. Sophie, The Countess of Wessex and Harry’s aunt is a good example of this. She doesn’t come off as self-important and she will tell it as it is. This is evident when she was asked about her nephew and his family’s departure from the Firm.

Sophie said that they [the BRF] did their best to make Meghan feel welcome within their ranks. Now, for those Sussex squad vultures who might be reading this, the countess has no reason to lie. Sure, she is loyal to the Queen, but she is not a person who would defend an establishment for the sake of it. She is not spoilt like her niece-in-law.

Spoilt Little Royal

It’s been stated that when they were dating, Harry and Meghan use to watch Disney movies. Nothing wrong with that. Though, something makes us think that little miss Markle thought that she was going to be a Disney Princess because she was dating a prince who had ‘swept her off her feet’.

Life is not a fantasy land and Meghan is not a princess or a queen of anything. She said that she would work hard and ‘hit the ground running’. In her mind, she did everything right and was the ‘perfect royal’. There is no such thing. Look at Prince Andrew and his recent scandal. Let’s not forget William’s alleged affair that never actually gained any kind of traction.

Before we end our post, we need to address the idea of Meghan wearing Diana’s jewellery and that she is a big spender. She believes that is entitled to these things because of her title. What she doesn’t realise is that she was not actually given titles from the Queen. Her Majesty bestowed the Dukedom onto her GRANDSON. Megsy, being his wife has the female equivalent. The same rule applies to Princess Michael of Kent, Catherine, and Sophie.

If she and Harry were to divorce and he got remarried, his new wife would be HRH THE Duchess of Sussex. Meghan would simply be Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

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