Meghan Was Annoyed That Royal Family Refused To Call Her After The Oprah Interview… Why Would They Want To Talk To Her After The Crap She’s Pulled?

Meghan now knows what it means to be refused…

Okay, this is old news but we’ve wanted to give our opinion on it for a while. There was a story that was going around after the Oprah interview where Meghan Markle complained that the royal family had refused to call her. Alright then. Why would they want to talk to her after she called them a bunch of racists for even enquiring about the colour of her and Harry’s children’s skin?

There have been rumours for a few years that Meghan got into trouble for recording conversations, taking photographs without permission, and keeping journals of her time as a royal. YouTuber Celt Views mentions this in one of her videos. Now, if we slip into the mindset of Markle, why would you need to record everything? If we had to guess, it would be for blackmail purposes. If she was refused anything, she could use whatever ‘proof’ she has as leverage.

It has been evident for a while that Meghan never wanted to stay in the royal family. All she wanted was the man, the title, and the children but never the work. The reason? She didn’t like playing second fiddle to sister-in-law, Catherine who will one day be something MM will never be; a Queen Consort. There’s plenty of photos in the public domain that show her envious towards Kate. Here’s just a few.

If looks could kill, right?

Why Would The Royal Family Want To Talk To Meghan When She Turned Harry Against Them?

Catherine did everything in her power to make Meghan feel welcome if the reports are correct. She even cooked vegan meals for her. There has even been a rumour for a while that there was an argument between William, Catherine, and Harry regarding Meghan who happened to be present, and the Cambridges were accused of not giving the now Duchess of Sussex the time of day she deserved. If the story is true, then Markle sat there listening like the Cheshire Cat.

Now, if the footage from after Prince Philip’s funeral is any indication, then Catherine took it upon herself to talk to her wayward brother-in-law. This comes after it was reported that various people within the higher ranks of the family refused to talk to him.

Catherine has become an essential part of keeping peace within the family, it looks like. The reason for this is to prepare her and everyone else of the role she will someday play when William becomes King. She will become the matriarch when this happens, a role she will play very well when the time is right.

Going back to Harry, it has been alleged that he did not expect his whole family to be frosty towards him according to the Daily Star. Ummm… what did he expect when he had thrown everyone under the bus just weeks earlier? Did he think they would all simply forgive him and welcome him back with open arms? They’re not that stupid, despite what Meghan has made him believe.

So, can you imagine what family’s reaction would’ve been if she’d shown up? It wouldn’t have been pretty. We suspect she would’ve been banned from even showing up. Oh, no wait a second. She has alleged she ‘didn’t want to be the centre of attention.’ Sure, whatever.

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