It’s A Matter Of Free Speech And A Controlling Glance At Oprah Won’t Change That

Meghan does not have a right to control anyone’s free speech.

We can hear the screeching and foot-stamping from Sydney, Australia! With the news that Piers Morgan has been cleared of wrongdoing by Oxcom and is allowed to exercise free speech, we thought we’d weigh in on the conversation that stems from March’s Oprah interview with something we’ve noticed recently.

One image of Meghan kept coming to the forefront of our minds. For a while, we weren’t sure why. However, we realised as we were editing another post on the site that we knew what it was. It’s the expression on her face. While most people would say her whole look is based on Wallis Simpson and Princess Diana, that’s not what struck us.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and that sentiment is correct, especially in this day and age.

[Credit: People Magazine]

The photo above is what we’re referring to when we talk about a picture that is worth a thousand words. Now, the expression wouldn’t have come out quite as clear without the heavy use of eyeliner Meghan is wearing. As we’ve said, this look is reminiscent of Princess Diana and her interview on Panorama with Martin Bashir.

free speech
[Credit: The Guardian]

The difference we wanted to point out is how Meghan uses her expression to silently challenge Oprah’s free speech. What’s more, is Oprah is not even aware of what her friend is doing.

The Silent Challenge To Oprah

What Meghan (and Harry) don’t like is anyone challenge their allegations. That is what got Piers into trouble in the first place. As far as they’re concerned, no one else is allowed to voice their thoughts on ANY matter but them. If there is a challenge of what they’ve said, it’s “untrue” and “defamatory”.

If we examine the pointed stare Meghan gives Oprah, it is as if she’s challenging her to speak out of turn. Essentially, she’s looking for any slip of her loyalty to the real truth. Though, this might be the reason why Winfrey never questioned the allegations the Sussexes were throwing out. After all, the former talk show queen talks a lot about integrity and what it means to her.

Could it be possible that Meghan challenged Oprah in some way? There were rumours that Oprah’s crew found a moonbump and Winfrey questioned whether Meghan wanted to talk about it and she said “no”. Given there is no evidence of this, we’re not going to include this in our conversation as it’s not worth theorising over when there is no solid proof.

Going back to Meghan silently challenging Oprah, on her part, it is a smart thing to do though it is also foolhardy. Winfrey has interviewed dozens of people over the years. She has spoken to Michael Jackson and Elliott Page who are open books when she interviewed them.

However, Markle, the sometimes actress, appears to be oblivious to the lies as it is a normal conversation that is being filmed, edited and broadcast. If it were an interview, there would be follow on questions and there weren’t.

Was There A Threat?

free speech
[Credit: The Guardian]

We don’t like pushing conspiracies, but we do love a good theory. So, what if Meghan threatened Oprah’s ability to use free speech in some way? Somehow, this is seriously unbelievable on any front. Winfrey has never been silenced in all the years she has been in Hollywood.

She is far more powerful than Meghan has ever dreamed of being. Oprah has power. Markle does not. It seems unlikely that the former actress would threaten someone with as much influence as Lady O.

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