Sussex Drama: Is Meghan Naive In Thinking She Could Cope With Her Royal Lifestyle?

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You’re either cut out for royal life or you’re not. It’s as simple as that. Though, was Meghan Markle naive or over confident in her bid to fit in with her world famous in-laws?

Royal life is not for everyone. While Catherine Middleton and Sophie Rhys-Jones could handle it, there was no guarantee that Meghan Markle would endure the same. While the now-Duchess of Cambridge and Countess of Wessex were involved with their spouses for over five years before marriage, the wife of Prince Harry hasn’t had that same luxury. After only a year and a half, they were married and parents to young Archie. However, was the former American actress naive in thinking she could cope?

We’re also going to go over all the times the Duchess of Sussex was welcomed with open arms into the family she now loathes.

Naive Or Just Overconfident?

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Before we can go over all the ways Meghan has been welcomed into the royal family, we need to go over how naive she was going into her relationship with Harry. So, where do we start? Oh, we know! We can begin with her apparent obsession with Princess Diana.

From a young age, Meghan admired Diana, Princess of Wales who happens to be her now mother-in-law. She even reportedly bawled her eyes out when she watched the funeral in 1997. There is no way she would not have known that the red headed boy she would marry twenty-one years later was Lady Di’s son. Also, many of her fashion choices were influenced by the late royal mother-of-two.

When Meghan and Harry got engaged, she said she didn’t know who he was which is crap when she was familiar with his mother. Apparently, she even had a Princess Diana biography on her bookshelf in various photos from her now defunct blog, The Tig. We couldn’t find photos of this but we’ve heard people who use to read the site say as such.

We also need to look at whether Meghan was overconfident in her bid to fit into The Firm. Sophie Wessex, Harry’s aunt has stated that the family did their best to help her transition into the fold.

The Harry/Meghan engagement interview showed how overconfident they were with her transition from American divorcee and commoner to British royal duchess. They naturally assumed she’d fit in. Eighteen months later, however, proved them were very wrong in their assumption.

Little Time To Prepare

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Unlike Catherine and Sophie before her, Meghan had only a few months to prepare for royal marriage. However, Middleton and Rhys-Jones had years of preparation. Markle could’ve cut and run if she’d seen what an impact the lifestyle could have on your mental health.

Sophie had no reason to lie when she said she and the other members of the family tried to help Meghan adjust. If anything, Markle should’ve spoken to Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas about their experiences when they dated Harry. Sure, it’s uncomfortable to talk to your fiancée’s exes but they’ve dealt with royal life firsthand.

Also, it would be naive of Meghan to not know what she was getting herself into. She would’ve seen all the news reports of Harry’s misdeeds and the reportings of the media’s treatment of Catherine before she married William.

Times Meghan Was Welcomed Into The Royal Family


It would be naive to think that the royal family were heartless in not welcoming Meghan into their ranks. However, we have proof that she was in fact welcomed with open arms into the institution she is now claiming didn’t support her through her pregnancy with Archie. Let’s take a look at some of these moments.

Sandringham As A Royal Spouse-To-Be

As you can see from the image above, Meghan’s first royal appearance became well before she became the Duchess of Sussex. She joined her soon-to-be in-laws for Christmas at Sandringham in 2017. This event is only attended by immediate members of the family and their spouse if they have have one.

Catherine, before she became the Duchess of Cambridge, never got the invitation until after she married William. However, it is unclear if Jack Brooksbank, the husband of Princess Eugenie and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, the now-husband of her sister Beatrice had the same privilege Meghan did.

Tea With The Queen

Harry and Meghan mentioned in their engagement interview that the now-Duchess got to meet with the Queen and had tea with her. While Catherine probably got this privilege too, it should noted that the royal wife had great words to say about her grandmother-in-law-to-be.

It should be noted too that Harry mentions in that same interview that the Queen’s corgis adored Meghan while they hated him. Also, since Harry was fifth-in-line to the throne at the time of the engagement, he had to ask his grandmother’s permission to marry which might’ve been the reason why the former actress met with the monarch.

Royal Engagement With The Queen

Catherine certainly never got the chance to hang out with the Queen in public so soon after getting married. Meghan got invited by Her Majesty to attend an event in Cheshire. They were seen have a grand old time. Photos indicate they even got to share a laugh together.

Place On The Balcony

A couple of months after the wedding in July 2018, Meghan got to stand next to the Queen on the Kensington Palace balcony during the Trooping of the Colour. Not many new royals would get that opportunity.

The Tiara And Prince Charles Walks Her Part Way Down The Aisle

The royal family can’t get more welcoming than loaning out one of the royal jewels to a bride. Meghan got to wear a lovely tiara on her wedding day, just not the one she wanted to wear. Anyhow, her now-father-in-law, Prince Charles was nice enough to offer to walk her down the aisle since her dad was recovering from a heart attack across the pond in America.

William Welcomes Meghan To The Family

When Meghan and Harry were engaged, they attended an event with William and Catherine. It was here the two couples were dubbed the Fab Four. During his speech, the Duke of Cambridge mentioned his soon-to-be sister-in-law by name and welcomed her into the family. It doesn’t get more welcoming than that.


During their time as senior royals, the Sussexes were issued a ton of staff as support. A load of them quit after only a short tenure in their jobs.

What Is Meghan Even Talking About?

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Meghan has a long history of placing blame on others. In the African documentary she and Harry did, she indirectly blamed the overbearing rules of the monarchy for her mental state. Yes, the rules are difficult, but you chose to marry into the family.

You were welcomed by everyone and got to attend events as a royal fiancée that others have not. You’re being disrespectful to the woman whom you said you admired. How many people can say they got the chance to have tea with the Queen of England herself? Yes, the royal family needs a reality check, it always has, but you, a low ranking senior member of only eighteen months is not the person who makes that decision.

Meghan, you were supported during your pregnancy the same way Catherine was. You also complained whenever things didn’t go your way. Your way is not the only way and screaming at someone else’s staff is not on. Stamping your foot because you didn’t get the tiara you wanted for your wedding is just petty. So what if it ‘means something to you’? Every piece of royal jewelry was inspired by something and when someone tells you ‘no’, don’t argue with them.

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