Meghan Markle Will NOT Attend Prince Philip’s Funeral At ‘Advice Of Doctors’ – We Have Thoughts


Prince Philip’s funeral is coming up in a week’s time and it has been revealed (to no one’s surprise) that granddaughter-in-law, Meghan Markle will NOT be amongst the mourners…

Prince Harry will be returning to the United Kingdom for the funeral of his 99-year-old grandfather, Prince Philip, People magazine confirms. The Duke of Edinburgh who died a few days ago just months shy of his 100th birthday will be farewelled by his family on Saturday 17th April at 3pm, according to ABC News.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral will be scaled back due to COVID restrictions. Only 30 people will be allowed to attend. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has opted out of attending to make room for the family, as per The Independent. It can be assumed that Prince Philip’s children and grandchildren will attend as will his wife, The Queen.

It is possible the partners of the Duke of Edinburgh’s children and grandchildren will attend the service. But, it is unknown if any of their great-grandchildren will attend. Two of those not attending will be Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan and their son, Archie. The Duchess of Sussex is heavily pregnant with baby number 2, a daughter. She has allegedly been told she cannot travel on the ‘advice of doctors’. Hmm.. We have a few thoughts about this.

Any Excuse Not To Travel To The UK

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Meghan knows she is no longer welcome in the UK given everything she has put the royal family through. What’s more is that she is one of the most hated figures in Britain right now. The family probably want nothing to do with her. After all, she threw them all under the bus during the Oprah interview.

Also, the Daily Mail claims that she will never go back ‘if she can help it’. So, her spiel about wanting to know more about the UK and being a citizen is yet another lie. She never cared about the country at all. Moreover, she wanted was to marry an Englishman, get a title, have a child and then go back America. Therefore, she was never about getting to know the people she had promised to serve.

If she were to go back, she would be metaphorically pelted with rotten fruit. Though, the family would love to see Archie again. It is doubtful he’ll ever set foot on UK soil again until he’s old enough.

High Risk Pregnancy

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As she is nearing forty, Meghan is currently in the middle of a geriatric aka high risk pregnancy so it isn’t safe for her to be on a plane. While a lot of people will see this as an excuse for her not go back to the UK, it’s certainly worth thinking about. Also, it is claimed she is due in July but given how big her baby bump was during the Oprah interview which was filmed 6 weeks ago. It is believed she was about six months along but if her due date is July that would mean she’d have a 10 month pregnancy. Doesn’t make much sense like most of what she says.

Finally, it’s understandable from a logical standpoint why she wouldn’t be going, we wouldn’t put it past her to release some juicy new story to overshadow the event of the funeral.

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