What Was Meghan Markle’s Overall Plan?


Meghan Markle can do nothing wrong, according to herself, Harry, and their fans. She thought she’d waltz into the British Royal Family and become its figurehead. Sorry, but Her Majesty The Queen is the face of the monarchy, and she has been for almost seven decades. That’s longer than you or we have lived. Anyway, this is not about our loathing of her. Now, before we go over what her scheme could be, we do not have an issue with her race. To all the Sugars who might stumble across this, please, go away. This blog doesn’t feed off toxicity from people who trash others and insinuate violence. If you want to do that, some other place to do it.

There will be alternative thoughts from already existing theories thrown in, so please, keep that in mind. Finally, this is all speculative and mightn’t be true.

Secret Plan After First Divorce?


Meghan Markle married film producer Trevor Engelson in 2011, after almost a decade of dating. However, the marriage wasn’t successful. They divorced in 2013, three years before that infamous first date with a certain prince. We stumbled across a YouTube video by Keep NYC MegaTrash Free, who came up with the theory that the former actress had her sights on Harry as early as 2013.

We’re not sure whether we believe that theory entirely, but it is possible. Was ex-boyfriend Cory a placeholder? Possibly. Lizzy Cundy, whom Meghan befriended at a 2013 party and then ghosted, wrote in Grazia UK in July 2021 that the actress adored Britain and wanted a British boyfriend. She alleges in her article that Ashley Cole (who was married to Cheryl Cole at one point) wasn’t interested. Anyway, her producer told her that A-listers took preference when it came to interviews, and Meghan didn’t qualify. Lizzy also mentions that Meghan talked about how she loved the UK. She added Markle was open about wanting fame.

So, Lizzy was right about Meghan wanting a British boyfriend. That would’ve been a tick on her scheme checklist.

Faux Humanitarian

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We don’t believe Meghan wanted to get into charity work. However, she had to because if she was to snag a prince, she’d need to appear to love collaborating with charities. Keep NYC MegaTrash Free mentioned in the video linked above that Markle got in on a 9/11 fundraiser in 2013 that both Harry and William participated in before she showed up on the royal scene.

She also joined up with World Vision and travelled to Africa, which happens to be one of Harry’s favourite countries. Let’s not forget she was with UN Women, where she did that infamous speech and claimed she’d received a standing ovation? Here’s part of the speech from the A-Plus YouTube Channel. If you go to the 2:50 mark, you’ll see that no one is standing. Let’s not forget THAT infamous identical photo to Diana.

manipulative; scheme
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Rumours surfaced when the Sussexes were in Fiji in 2018, UN Women was present. Allegedly, this is why the former actress left the village, where she reportedly hissed at one of her aides. Markle has claimed that she hadn’t looked up her husband or his family online. We’ve reported she wrote about William and Catherine’s wedding and Prince Charles on The Tig. Also, there has been speculation that her humanitarian work doesn’t go back very far.

Moreover, there’s been rumours that Meghan cut ties with UN Women because they wouldn’t “promote” her to an ambassador role. Instead, she had to stick with the advocate position.

Push Ahead Of Royal In-Laws

emeralds; scheme
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Skipping ahead to the lead-up to the wedding and there was the alleged Tiara-Gate scandal which apparently saw Meghan throw a tantrum over not getting to wear an emerald tiara. There have been various different versions of this story. One, which was referenced in Finding Freedom, claimed that there was no hissy fit and that Meghan loved the tiara she chose. We do not believe that for a second. It’s the same with the story which alleges that Meghan wanted one of the chokers Princess Diana wore dismantled and fashioned into an engagement ring similar to the sapphire ring Catherine has which was Diana’s. However, as we mentioned in the linked post on the emeralds, the choker belongs to The Queen.

Then, there was the wedding venue, which was the same as Princess Eugenie, who also had the tiara Meghan allegedly wanted. Anyway, then there was the alleged pregnancy announcement to the family at the same event. We’ve mentioned before how Markle allegedly tried to dupe Eugenie. Also, the Sussex engagement announcement came before Eugenie and Jack’s due to the allegation that Harry’s had to be announced first because of where he sits in the line of succession, despite his cousin getting engaged first.

Moving over to the Cambridges, they weren’t left unscathed by Meghan’s scheme either. It’s alleged Princess Charlotte got bullied not just by Meghan, but by the Mulroneys too. Finding Freedom alleges there was no crying. However, an early version of the story claims Meghan made Catherine cry. Then, Meghan presented the third interpretation during the Oprah interview where Catherine had made her cry.

After the wedding, Meghan was criticised for not wearing a hat on her only engagement with the Queen. There’s a ton of other things too. Also, the tiara seen above is allegedly one of the tiaras Meghan wanted. The one we mentioned earlier was the one Eugenie wore.

Expecting Archie; duped; emeralds
[Credit: Town & Country Magazine]

Meghan’s Scheme Requires Control Over Narrative

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Meghan needs to control every aspect of her scheme. Why? She’s a control freak who needs the world to see her in a god-like way. So, how would she go about this? Quite easy, if we do say so ourselves. Upon beginning her new life as the Duchess of Sussex, Markle wanted every “incorrect or negative” report in the media to be corrected. However, when she was it wasn’t possible, she completed about the staff being unsupportive. She would then proceed to twist a narrative to get Harry to comply with “protecting” her.

The more she fed Harry, the more brainwashed he became. It then got to the point where an alleged comment about their future children was made by either Prince Charles or Princess Anne was blown out of context. Or, if there was a comment at all and it was just another lie to paint the entire royal family as racists. Essentially, by hinting but not naming anyone, it damages the BRF’s reputation. Also, by implicating everyone, no matter how far up or down the pecking order a person is.

Also, Neil Sean posted an interesting video where he said that Meghan was all for the media being at the engagement announcement. However, it was Harry (no surprises there) who told the press to keep their distance. Then, during the South African tour, she complains and says she was naive about the British press and the tabloids. By creating a lie like this, it made people (mostly her rabid followers) feel sympathetic towards her. The same applies to what happened with her privacy court case. She lied to the court about the letter, and yet she still won.

Wearing Down Harry = Large Part Of Scheme

self-sabotage; scheme
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A large part of Meghan’s scheme was to wear Harry down so he would believe everything she told him. We all know that the prince isn’t too bright. He made one of his teachers write one of his school assignments so he’d get into Sandhurst.

Meghan, despite claiming she didn’t realise her in-laws were famous, seems to be constantly reminding her husband of how she is the new Diana. Her half-sister, Samantha, told an Australian radio station that Meghan wore one of Lady Di’s favourite perfumes on her first date with Harry. Then, there are all the outfits she has worn since they’ve been together. Who knows what she tells him behind closed doors.

Another part of the larger scheme is ensuring that their little family of four have ties to the royal family. We’re aware Meghan loves her title more than her children. Every endeavour she has done since departing royal life has involved people referring to her as “The Duchess of Sussex”. She and Harry even went so far as to name their daughter Lilibet Diana after the Queen and Princess Diana.

When Lili was born, people were confused as to why they would name the child after a person from a family they deemed as racist. It was also a no brainer that Diana’s name would be in there somewhere. Surprisingly, the Sugars haven’t complained that Princess Charlotte also has her grandmother’s name as a middle name. Those people will virtually whinge about everything.

Finally, Meghan loves to reinvent the narrative that she has thrown together. In her mind, no one will look into what she has said previously. Naturally, she believes the whole world is stupid beyond belief and will take everything she says at face value.

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