Meghan Markle IS NOT A Feminist!


There’s a definition for being a feminist this is not what Meghan Markle is…

There is a fine line between being a feminist and just saying that you are. Well, here we are again talking about one Rachel Meghan Markle and her self-given title that she gave herself years before she met and married Harry (hey! that rhythms).

We’ve given up calling her, the Duchess of Sussex because she and her gullible husband are no longer ‘real royals’. Also, neither of them deserve to hold such an honour. Why? They’ve bad-mouthed The Firm at every turn and they’ve got the gall to say, “We were pressured to leave”. Sure, whatever loves.

Now, the real reason we’re here is because we were combing through our home page on Quora when we came about a fascinating question: “Is Meghan a feminist?” The inquiry was first posted to a group on the site called Duchess Diaries. The answer was interesting and so we thought we’d issue our own thoughts on it.

Now, this is our opinion so, if you’re going to try and fry us alive with your bias bullshit, get off this blog and never come back. Right? We all good? Now, let’s begin.

The TRUE Definition Of Feminist

Now, it doesn’t take a new age Einstein to open the dictionary app on their computer or mobile device and to type in the word ‘feminist’ to see what the definition is. We did just that and to be honest, it didn’t give us much like at all. Though, we got this:

Noun: a person who supports feminism. 

Adjective: relating to or supporting feminism: feminist literature.

Dictionary on MacOS

The post on the Duchess Diaries page is fascinating because it outlines why the former Suits actress is not a feminist while providing a proper definition for the term. Meghan’s only concern is her own image as this kind hearted woman. She uses every possible opportunity to make herself look better than what she is. Her former best friend is right about her.

Now, Meghan is not a follower of rules. If anything, she wants to be the one making them. She sees herself as pioneer of change when she’s not. Bossing people around is what she wants to do and we can tell you all now, that is not what a feminist would do.

Ann Louis who wrote the post on Duchess Diaries makes an excellent point when she says that feminism is about EQUALITY. Meghan sees it as ‘women first, men second’. Umm… she does realise that she is married to a man and has a son, doesn’t she?

Yes, standing up for women’s rights is an amazing thing, but all Meghan does is promote herself and not the causes she claims to care so much about. If she had any ounce of compassion she would be standing up for other women and not tearing them down as per a biography she claims she had no involvement in writing but was forced to backtrack on her claims when she was backed into a corner.

A True Feminist Would…

If Meghan were a true feminist, she would not be throwing people under the bus who have tried to help her. Look at all the rumours that have come out about her mistreating staff.

Emailing and texting all these people who actually have lives outside of work in the early hours of the morning shouldn’t be on, like at all. Yes, she was an actress who did night shoots while she was Suits but being a royal wife is NOT the same thing.

Meghan should have followed the rules she was told and she wouldn’t be getting so much negative press that she bitched about. Yeah, we went there and we really don’t care. What pisses us off about Ms Markle’s “I am a feminist” shit is how she doesn’t practice what she preaches. There’s all that crap about being kind and doing your part to help the environment that she has never done.

The Suits actress and her lackey of a husband have taken private jets and by doing so, have basically done what they’ve been telling the rest of the world not to. Double standards which we’ve talked about A LOT on this blog with both M & H.

Also, she would not have tried to change her husband to the point the public no longer identifies with him. She told him to cut coffee out of his diet but she has quite literally invested in $18 lattés which literally contain caffeine.

A true feminist wouldn’t be going to the media and sprouting off that their in-laws are horrible. Sorry, but we don’t buy into the crocodile tears Meghan acted on during the African tour. It was her way of getting sympathy but it backfired.

Don’t Be Something You’re Not, Meghan

Meghan says she wants privacy. But she has Harry going to Bob Iger to book her a job at Disney. This is just her way of showing she doesn’t care about the rules. In her eyes, she is above the rules. She knew what she was doing when she agreed to Harry’s proposal.

Anyone who is sane can see what she was doing. She pushed her ‘feminist’ agenda onto Harry so she could make him her little puppy. The husband she can parade around to her billionaire neighbours and go “Look at me! I have a prince for a husband. Bow down to me.”

Conclusively, give us a bloody break. The more Meghan breathes down our necks about being a ‘feminist’, the more likely people are going to push her the bottom of their idols list. She is not a god and feminist has nothing to do with making women look like saints

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