Chronicles of Harkle

Chronicles of Harkle: There Is No Way Meghan And Eugenie Were Friendly During Their Pregnancies


Okay, some of the stories that have come out about Harry and Meghan have been weird, but the one we’re talking about in today’s Chronicles of Harkle post really takes the cake. Now, before I continue, if you’re a diehard Meghan fan, I will say don’t read any further because knowing the Sussex Squad, they will be very offended with what I have to say, not in a friendly way.

A few hours ago, published claims that Meghan and Princess Eugenie had been in contact over the course of their pregnancies. The Duke of York’s youngest daughter gave birth to her first child while Markle is expecting her second.

From my viewpoint, that is complete and total BULLSHIT! I say this because Meghan has taken important moments from Eugenie. The most infamous moment was the alleged feud over the wedding tiaras where Markle apparently wanted the emerald tiara promised to the princess.

This allegedly caused Prince Harry to proclaim the now infamous quote:

What Meghan wants, Meghan gets!

Allegedly said by Prince Harry

Meghan has duped Eugenie out of so many things:

  • Eugenie and Jack’s engagement announcement had to be pushed back to allow Harry and Meghan to go first. Some BS about line of succession has preference.
  • Meghan, as mentioned above, wanted an emerald tiara for her wedding but was denied. Alleged the one she wanted was the one Eugenie wore.
  • Meghan had the nerve to mention Eugenie and Beatrice in her court papers as they have titles but don’t work for the Queen.
  • In apparent revenge, Meghan announced she was pregnant with Archie at Eugenie’s wedding much to the princess and her mother’s horror.
  • Days after August was born, Meghan and Harry announced they were having baby number 2.

No Positive Or ‘Friendly’ Relationship Between The Cousins-In-Law

Duped; friendly
[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar]

None of the things I mentioned above appears to be ‘friendly’. What does Meghan have against Eugenie? I’ve also spoken about how Markle is reportedly jealous of the York princesses and Catherine.

Meghan needs good press before her Oprah interview goes to air so she’s trying to make it look like she didn’t steal the limelight all those times. The world and the media have started to wake up to themselves when it come to Markle.

People are seeing through her Little Miss Innocent routine and it is quite sad that she has to be called out. If she was truthful from the beginning, people would believe her. However, she’s not and her public approval rating in the UK is the following:

[Credit: Screenshot taken from]

As far as I’m aware, this information is current. To see that she is the 11th most popular royal and 5th most famous, with an only 32% positive opinion rating is a massive slap in the face for her. Though, she probably doesn’t care about her approval rating in the UK anyway given she will likely never go back, knowing she will be booed and pelted with old fruit. Not literally, of course.

If Meghan really cared about Eugenie at all, she would not have taken her wedding venue, wanted her tiara, released news of her first pregnancy at her wedding or released news of her second one just days after the princess gave birth. It’s cruel and calculated.

How Could Harry Even Allow Any Of This To Be Published?

[Credit: Showbiz Cheat Sheet]

Prince Harry and Eugenie have always been close but how can he allow Meghan to trash his cousin’s happiness the way she has? Was it her way of proving that she’s a better ‘companion’ for the prince?

Eugenie has so much more class and dignity than Meghan. She doesn’t go around trashing people. She certainly didn’t go around making Markle’s wedding day about her either. I get that all Harry wants is to keep his family together, but he’s known his cousin his whole life. Why would he allow his precious wife to allow a PR puff piece to be posted all over the internet when it isn’t true?

Was is because all he wants is Meghan to be happy and not get up and leave him like she did Trevor? Does he even know what happened with her divorce from her ex-husband and that she sent her rings back via FedEx? We’ll never know. Not really.

If there’s one thing Meghan knows how to and that’s mould the truth to something that suits her liking. That’s like the letter she to her father in 2018. She talked about only her feelings and didn’t ask about him. Harry needs to realise that his wife is not who she claims to be.

As for Eugenie, I don’t think she really cares. She has her husband, their little boy, her parents, sister, and brother-in-law and the rest of the royal family to look out for her. She doesn’t need to be friendly with Meghan or Harry to have a life.

Whether Harry has been in touch with Eugenie himself is unknown. If it were me, I would be blocking him from my contacts list. If he has, then he has a lot of nerve trying to justify his wife’s actions.

PR Stunt Take No One Buys

control; Harkle; friendly
[Credit: US Weekly]

To end this post, I wanted to throw the obvious out there. This puff piece that the Sussex PR team is throwing out there was never about saying something friendly about Eugenie. Meanwhile, it was about Meghan throwing her weight around – as well as her title – doing whatever the hell she wants. She is trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. As cliche as that sounds, it’s true.

She is trying to show that there is ‘no bad blood’ between her and Eugenie. This is the same stunt that was pulled with Frogmore Cottage. Moreover, few people fell for it. The PR team is basically made to put out that ‘the house was still the Sussexes’ quote. First off, they never owned that house and whether they actually lived there is anyone’s guess.

Finally, Meghan might think the world loves her and that’s just ‘misunderstood’, but people know the truth. She is a social climber who will do anything for attention. Therefore, saying that she’s friendly with Eugenie because they were pregnant at the same time is just tacky.

If Meghan really wants to form a relationship with her cousin-in-law, she should start by apologising for every terrible thing she’s done. She does not care about the royal family. If she did, she would be working for The Queen. her supporters can say what they like, but the truth is out there. You are all too blind to look a gift horse in the eye.

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