The Hissing Duchess In Fiji – What Caused Meghan To Lash Out During The Tour Of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, And Tonga?


With the allegations of Meghan bullying staff members at Buckingham Palace still fresh, new revelations have come out about what happened in Fiji in 2018…

Meghan Markle had better watch out because her royal dirty laundry is being aired for the world to see. According to, there was a blow-up during the tour to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga in 2018. Speculation goes the duchess was allegedly worried about the presence of UN Women who was also in the area. Basically, she abandoned them after she met Prince Harry.

For those who may be confused, Meghan allegedly did work with UN Women before she got together with Harry. In a nutshell, during her days on Suits. If the article is accurate, she hissed at one of the staff members who then promptly took her away. At the time, it was reported that she wanted out because it was too hot for her given she was pregnant with Archie.

However, Rebecca English, a royal correspondent for the Daily Mail who was covering the tour said Meghan actually hissed a staff member in such a disgusting manner that it reduced the targeted personnel to tears. Her [Rebecca English] response comes after The Times reported allegations of bullying from the Duchess of Sussex during her time in Kensington Palace. We covered it a few days ago.

There Is No Conspiracy Here

Rebecca English is a well-respected royal correspondent and she has no reason to lie about what she saw. She knows Prince Harry as she has met with him several times over the years pre-dating Meghan. If she says that the former actress made an aide cry whilst in Fiji then we believe her. She doesn’t have a personal vendetta against the Duchess of Sussex.

Sure, she could’ve made it up, but she wouldn’t put her career on the line by making up a fake story. She has too much credibility to fall that far. The Sugars can say whatever they like but the facts are there, accept it.

Meghan needs to admit that she bullies people into keeping silent and that she’s a diva. The incident in Fiji is not the only time she has belittled people. That is the whole reason there is an investigation going on to determine what happened.

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