Meghan Gets The Credit For Something Prince William Previously Was Credited For


So… Meghan has taken credit for getting Prince Harry help…

Okay, Prince Harry has changed the narrative of how he ended up getting help for his mental health. When he and Meghan Markle got together, he spoke with Angela Levin, a royal biographer who interviewed him in 2017, as per the Mirror. In their chats, she asked him whether his then-fiancée had been the one to encourage him. He explained that it was William who motivated him, not his lady love. So, why is he giving her credit now?

Anyone that followed Harry pre-Meghan will know that he was almost always an open book. Very honest with his struggles with his mental health. We also remember this photo:

mental health; blast; credit
[Credit: The Sun]

However, he is now treating his mental health like one large joke and so is Meghan. She claimed to Oprah that she’d been suicidal when she was pregnant with Archie during the visit to Royal Albert Hall in January 2019, four months before her son’s birth. While we’re not rubbishing what she alleged to have felt, these photos tell a very different story:

Note the expressions on Harry and Meghan’s faces in the first photo. This does not look like a couple on the verge of a mental breakdown. Markle looks smug like she’s thinking, “I was a better actor than these idiots.” Meanwhile, her husband is sitting there probably thinking, “Why do I always have to hold her hand?”

The second photo is of the couple leaving. During the Oprah interview, Meghan said when the lights went down, she was weeping because of how much emotional pain she was in. If this were the case, her makeup would be messy. Yes, there is the possibility she was wearing waterproof makeup. A while ago we did a debunking post which included an Instagram photo by Daniel Martin, her resident makeup artist.

Could Harry’s Credit Of Meghan Be A Swipe At William?

Now, we ask if Harry’s credit of Meghan is a swipe towards William. Or, did he simply forget what he told Angela Levin? It seems to us that it could be a bit of both. Though, there is another thought to all of this; Markle is telling him what to say.

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise us if this ends up being the case. All of his word salad speeches that he does, they’re actually worded the way Meghan talks. If you listen to something he says and then compare it to her, you’ll see there’s similarities. It appears that Markle wants to be seen as the perfect wife and that she is the hero of the piece.

After all, she did tell a parents group that Archie sees her and Harry as superheroes, according to Women & Home. No doubts that she and her idiot husband have put that in the little boy’s head. What child sees his mum and dad as fictional beings you see on television? When she made this claim, he was a year old. A kid this young wouldn’t know what a superhero is.

Harry’s once-close relationship with Prince William is nothing but a faded memory now. We believe that this swipe at the future king is a way for the Duke of Sussex to say, “I’m independent and Meghan helped me. You’re a horrible brother and you’re trapped.”

Also, why hasn’t anyone noticed that during the Oprah interview, Harry said he was ‘ashamed’ to admit that his wife needed help with her mental health but then, he gives unprecedented credit to her for telling him to get help? Which is it? Did William tell you to get help or did Meghan? Why did you say you were ashamed to get her help? Make your mind!

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