Since When Is It Prince William’s Responsibility To Coddle Meghan And Protect Her From ‘Racist’ Attacks?


Prince William doesn’t need to coddle Meghan as he is not her husband…

Okay, so the Sussex Squad is out in full force… again and this time, it has to do with the Duke of Cambridge not doing anything to coddle his sister-in-law from ‘racist’ attacks. What’s more is over the weekend, after the English Soccer team lost their game, racist comments were thrown at the team. Furthermore, what set Meghan’s followers off was Prince William’s statement on Twitter which reads:

I am sickened by the racist abuse aimed at England players after last night’s match. It is totally unacceptable that players have to endure this abhorrent behaviour. It must stop now and all those involved should be held accountable. W

Prince William on Twitter via @kensingtonroyal

William is the president of the soccer league. It is his job to addressing appalling behaviour.

What makes the Sussex Squad so stupid, is they think it is Prince William’s responsibility to coddle Meghan. First off, he is NOT her husband. Harry is and the ginger one said he was ashamed to help his wife. Secondly, the Duke of Cambridge would’ve condemned such attacks against his sister-in-law had there had been any.

Also, William isn’t the type of person to allow someone to be abused. Moreover, this situation only makes Meghan look like a liar even more. While she isn’t directly involved, her groupies are jumping at shadows because the royals are biting back.

Not every racist situation is about Meghan. Please stop making it out to be. The racism at the soccer had NOTHING to do with Markle. She wasn’t there and the abuse wasn’t even aimed at her.

What About Harry?

[Credit: Herald Sun]

Is the Sussex Squad so deluded that they forget that Meghan isn’t actually the royal in the situation they created? Furthermore, us and other websites and blogs including the Royal News Network, have pointed out, it is Prince Harry’s responsibility to protect his family which happens to include his beloved Meg. Also, Haz is the royal who asked Markle to marry him so he is the one who is supposed to coddle her. NOT his brother.

William has his own wife and children to protect. If they were under attack, he would protect them with everything he has. Remember the rumour about Meghan’s bullying of Princess Charlotte? Then, it’s said that the Duke of Cambridge and Catherine pulled their daughter out of dress fittings which is why it didn’t fit correctly.

They protect their children from bullies like Meghan and Jessica and Ivy Mulroney.

If Archie or Lili were under attack by anyone, Harry would immediately jump in and likely sue the person for defamation in his children’s names.

Harry should be the one to coddle his wife, not his brother. What business does William have in Meghan? Absolutely nothing. She threw Catherine under the bus on television. Moreover, Markle allegedly bullied his then-three-year-old daughter, made his post-natal wife cry, and accused the whole royal family of racism without proof. Also, did she forget about how inclusive her own wedding was?

Finally, Harry is a horrible husband for not standing up for his wife. Remember our post on the Tyler Perry rumour? Furthermore, it is alleged that Meghan told her husband that he would always be in his brother’s shadow. The Sussex Squad needs to shut their holes and do their research before they get themselves into even more trouble.

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