More Markle Family Drama! Meghan Ignores Aunt Who Lost Her Husband


Meghan really doesn’t know the definition of family, and apparently, she doesn’t give two hoots if a relative dies. The Mirror’s Peter Sheridan and Emma Pryer report that Pam Johnson, Meghan’s aunt and the widow of her Uncle Joseph “JJ” Johnson, isn’t thrilled that the former actress has not contacted her since JJ’s death in August.

JJ died at the age of 72 of congestive heart failure which he had for a long time. He also once said his niece was “magical”. Pam says that JJ and Meghan were once really close and that she used to be close to her son and would visit them, especially after her grandmother, JJ’s mother had a stroke.

For those wondering how Pam is Meghan’s aunt, she is the sister-in-law of Doria, Markle’s mother. Doria is JJ’s younger half-sister as they share a mother. We hope that clears it up a bit.

Anyway, Pam says that there is no way that Meghan wouldn’t be aware of her uncle’s passing. Doria would’ve told her. After digging around, we came across a rather interesting article by Express Digest, which provides photos of Markle’s mixed-race childhood.

We’ve known for a while that Meghan loves to lie and how she fed Harry a broken family narrative when they met. Well, the Express Digest mentions not just Pam but another aunt of Meghan’s, Saundra, Doria’s half-sister. Also, there’s a photo of JJ and Pam and Pam is a white woman. Moreover, the story Markle has woven about not having a family who cared is false, but we’ve known that for a while.

What’s more, Meghan hadn’t spoken to or seen her uncle since 2017, according to her aunt.

Raising A Question About The Wedding

We’re Doria was the only member of Meghan’s family to attend the 2018 wedding. Given what the Express Digest article shows with all the family photos, this raises the question of why Markle’s extended family weren’t invited.

The obvious angles that we could use are that they didn’t fit her narrative of her life or they didn’t have money. Now, there have been rumours for years that Meghan isn’t who she claims. People have claimed for years that Markle was once a yacht girl, was married before Trevor and had a secret love child, with some even speculating that this alleged child was then raised by her half-sister, Samantha.

Also, there are photos out there that we’ve seen but cannot find and if we could, wouldn’t post of Meghan with a suspiciously bulging stomach. If she had been pregnant as a teenager, a member of her family or one of her ex-friends would’ve said something by now.

So, what didn’t Meghan want to be revealed that caused her to drop her entire family? While we will never truly know, it’s still intriguing.

Accepting Family And A Thirst For Fame Started Young

Going back to the Express Digest article and JJ (before his death) is quoted as saying that the Johnson-Ragland family “were cool with” Doria marrying Thomas Markle. They openly accepted him and his two other children, Tom Jr and Samantha. There’s even a photo in the article of Tom Jr with Meghan (as a child), Doria and other members of the Johnson-Ragland family.

The article says that Meghan, as a child, was incredibly aware of her biracial heritage and that she was always comfortable with who she was. If that is indeed the case, where does narcissism come into play? We get that she always loved the camera and that she grew up on television sets. It just doesn’t add up.

Let’s look at this from Meghan’s perspective. JJ said once that she grew up knowing how loved she was. So, what could have been so horrible about having a supportive mixed-race family that they deserved to be dumped? It seems that Markle became obsessed with fame from an early age. Outside of loving the camera, being on television sets with her father prepped Meghan for what she wanted; stardom. She got to meet a lot of actors as she grew up too.

Her ex-best friend, Ninaki Priddy, confirmed Meghan’s thirst for fame in an interview a few years back. It was here where she said Meghan would practice her acceptance speech in the mirror. It’s a shame all those thousands of dollars went to waste as Markle hasn’t one talented bone. Just look at her performance in Suits as an example. She even did a couple of lifetime movies that, according to some were horrible.

Tough Women, One Of Which Came From Poverty

Meghan’s great-grandmother, Netty Arnold, according to the Express Digest came from poverty. You’d think Meghan would be able to sympathise with that struggle given her family’s past. JJ even mentioned in the Express digest article that given the lack of male influence, his niece had strong female role models.

In conclusion, she had her Aunt Pam, her mother, grandmother, half-sister, great-grandmother, her Aunt Saundra, the list goes on. Meghan claims that she’s an advocate for empowering women, but where was the compassion for her widowed aunt?

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