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Hi guys! I see you’ve come across my website and seen how bare it is. I wanted to start anew. Originally, I started the site as a way of getting writing clients. When that fell through, I continued to use the site as a platform to promote my blog. Originally, it was a productivity blog called Coffee Hawk but then, it started to get really boring. I thought I would change tactics. With that being said, we’re now Project Fangirl.

There’s changes coming!

Before anybody asks, the website will still maintain its domain name. Don’t fret as it’s not going anywhere.

Having started writing for websites, WhatCulture and Dork Side of the Force, I realised there was more potential in entertainment. I’ve always loved reading articles on the subject and started writing for MoviePilot before the site was shut down.

Despite many attempts to become a verified writer on the site, I realised the skills I learned could be passed on to other websites. I moved many of my MoviePilot/Creator articles to Medium where I started WonderPopCulture.

After I started writing for Dork Side, I knew I had to take my blog in a unique direction. So, I stripped the site of all the original content and deleted every post on my Instagram account, Twitter account and Facebook page.

Project Fangirl will focus mostly on the roles women play in some of my favourite shows and movies. I cannot wait to share new content with you all. The site will also show case of some of my post popular articles across all my writing platforms and I may even include a page dedicated to my fictional stories and screenplays as well. All that will come a bit later as the website starts to evolve.

So stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to the site for more content coming your way.

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C.J. Hawkings has written for the now-defunct Entertainment website, Movie Pilot and the still functioning WhatCulture and ScreenRant. She now writes for FanSided and is loving it!

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