Medical Staff Treated Disgustedly By Some Members Of The Public


The medical staff we hear so much about are being treated like second class citizens because the public fears they will spread COVID-19 to them.

As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the world, the medical staff who are putting themselves on the frontline are being targeted by the general public. Nurses are being told not to wear their scrubs when they’re not at work due the rise in assaults.

According the ABC, Health Minster Brad Hazzard has warned nurses in particular not to wear their uniforms out in public. He also fired back at the disgusting behaviour.

One intensive care nurse was assaulted on a train while in her scrubs.

A pregnant midwife, was attacked at a McDonalds Drive Thru after she showed the staff her ID badge. Her abuser was a driver behind her. In this incident, the police were called.

Meanwhile, at Campbelltown hospital, nurses are being coughed on by patients waiting be tested.

Other Sydney hospitals have reported nurses being spat on.

This is absolutely disgusting behaviour by the public. These people could be putting you on a ventilator to help you breath and this is how you repay them? No medical staff member should be treated this way. They are putting themselves at risk so people can live. A lot of these people have families like you and I and are spending hours away from them.

Also, these people could be the ones who hold your hand as you lay slowly dying before they cover you lifeless corpse with a sheet and declare your time of death. Show some respect!

Again, this is difficult time for everyone in the world and attacking the people who are trying to save your life isn’t helping. Instead of attacking medical staff, why not be polite to them and ask them how they’re doing? See if they would like a drink of water or something. They’re human just the like the rest of us.

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