How Some Media Outlets Still Made Prince Philip’s Funeral About Meghan

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Prince Philip was farewelled over the weekend but some media outlets still made the event about Meghan…

The weekend was the funeral of His Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. However, some media outlets have still managed to make the event about his granddaughter-in-law, Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex currently lives in California with toddler son, Archie who will be two in May. Her husband, Prince Harry is either still in the UK for his grandmother The Queen’s 95th birthday or be on the way home to the US.

Despite the sombre event being about The Duke of Edinburgh, some media outlets had the nerve to write whole articles about Meghan. The event had nothing to with her. Some of these pieces include stories about how she would watch the funeral from home in California. This comes from Harper’s Bazaar. There has also been information about where the wrath laid by presumedly Harry on behalf of him and his wife that had been placed at the base of the altar according to Hello! Magazine.

All the other information about the other wreaths that were laid have not been revealed. Now, there are a lot of media outlets out there that are pro-Sussex. There’s no denying that. Look at Gayle King’s coverage of the funeral as one example. Though, there wasn’t one mention of Meghan during the program that we know of as we didn’t watch it. However, the idea that she is a Meghan supporter is an indirect nod to her.

Scobie Report

Now, the next piece we’re going to mention isn’t entirely the publication’s fault. The Daily Mail has done an article mentioning Meghan’s so-called friend and mouthpiece, Omid Scobie who is the source. The outlet is just reporting on what is being said. In the article, the Finding Freedom author said that Meghan had ‘done her bit’ to honour her late grandfather-in-law.

Given that it is Omid Scobie is saying this shows that he has an absolute in with Meghan so this is her way of being involved with the event even it has zero to do with her.

Also, if anyone leaked information about the Sussex wreath to the press then it would’ve been Scobie, King, or someone in the Sussexes’ PR camp.

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