The ‘Me-Gain’ Factor: Why The Duchess Is Making A Big Deal Of Not Being “Protected”

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And around we go again! Meghan is at it again by creating a big deal out of not being protected during her pregnancy and making an attempt to bend the monarchy into submission.

Meghan’s feeble attempts to keep herself relevant is beginning to crumble. She has become determined to bend the Royal Family into submission and make them pay for forcing her and Harry’s hands in having to leave. To make the situation worse, she is claiming she was not protected when she was pregnant with Archie and that she was ‘prohibited’ from speaking about her experiences. This is where the Me-Gain Factor comes into play yet again.

Having a link to the royal family via marriage is not something everyone has. Meghan Markle might be the daughter-in-law of the future King of England, but that does not permit her to come out and say she was not protected by the family that basically took her in. She feels like she is not being given the attention she believes she is entitled to. Again, she is not Meghan. She has become ‘Me-Gain’ once again.

Yes, There Were Signs That Me-Gain Was Going To Emerge

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The royal family has come a long way since King George’s day. After all, his brother Edward abdicated the throne so he could marry Wallis Simpson. His great-grandson, Prince Harry, the grandson of his daughter Elizabeth is in a very similar situation to his brother.

Harry who is Prince Charles’ youngest son and Meghan have gone from loving their new life as royals to tossing everything aside and moving to Los Angeles. However, we suspect that it was the Duchess of Sussex and not her blue blooded husband who wanted out.

Yes, the prince has said he wanted out for a long time, but does anyone see the larger picture? Harry has struggled since the death of his mother, Princess Diana in a car crash in 1997 where she was pursued by paparazzi in Paris.

His brother, William has had his issues since the Princess of Wales’ death too, but not to the extent Harry has. Before Meghan entered the picture, the youngest of Charles and Diana’s sons has made the headlines for the wrong reasons. When the former actress started dating the future duke, the Me-Gain factor started when she was allegedly witnessed screaming at sister-in-law Catherine’s staff.

We’ve also bought up several times that Meghan is envious of other members of her husband’s family. Why? Well, Catherine and William got to live in a grand apartment in Kensington Palace while the then-future Duchess of Sussex had to live with her future husband in a ‘tiny’ cottage.

There were also other things like being ‘bored’ at Charles’ 70th birthday garden party that caused quite the stir.

The Engagement Interview

When Harry and Meghan announced their engagement in 2017, they did an interview similar to the one William and Catherine did in 2010. At the time, Harry is quoted as saying:

“It was exciting! I’d been seeing her for a period of time when I literally didn’t tell anybody at all, and then William was longing to meet her, and so was Catherine. They’re our neighbours, so we’ve managed to get that in quite a few times now . . . Catherine’s been absolutely amazing, as has William, as well, you know, a fantastic support.”

Harry on William and Catherine’s support

It has been said for a while that William warned his brother about his relationship with Meghan going too fast. It’s even alleged Philip had something to say about it also. However, this was not even referenced in the interview.

While Meghan stans would say, “Oh, but their engagement was meant to be a happy occasion that’s why they didn’t say anything.” Something does NOT add up. How could everything go from fine to a massive nosedive so quickly? The duchess’ behaviour is what people are pointing the finger at.

The Royal Family And Protection

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When it comes to the Firm, they have a sketchy reputation when it comes to protection. They never protected Princess Diana when she asked for help and her mental health took a massive hit because she wasn’t being heard. She even threw herself down a flight of stairs when she was pregnant. However, the family changed their ways and supported Catherine during her three pregnancies.

However, Meghan has said that she felt “unprotected by the institution” at time when she needed the support the most. Remember a few weeks ago when Harry’s aunt, Sophie, Countess of Wessex was asked about her nephew and niece-in-law’s departure? She said the royal family tried to help Meghan adjust and just hopes that she and Harry are happy.

Sophie has no reason to lie. She knows the ins and out of the royal family better than Harry and Meghan would ever dream to. She too struggled when she joined the Firm, but she had five years of courtship with Edward to fall back on and she’s been thriving for over 20 years as a royal wife. Meghan had just over a year before she married her husband.

Meghan is simply bitter because the royal family didn’t change their objectives to her liking.

Me-Gain: I Smile At The Camera And Now I’m Suing In My Son’s Name!

[Credit: The Telegraph]

We were recently made aware of a lawsuit that Meghan lodged in the name of her son Archie over paparazzi photos. These picture that surfaced are of the two of them hiking while they were still stationed in Canada. Well, in the infant’s name is a bit of a stretch but there’s still a lawsuit brewing regardless. While we’re not going to be posting the images, we can tell you that the duchess is yet again smiling like she knows the paps are there.

What makes this even more appalling is how Archie’s name was apparently used instead of his mother’s. Now, we can’t find the source where it says Archie’s name was put as the claimant, but that’s what we’ve heard. Meghan has no shame in using her child to try and make the royal family cave to her demands.

Imagine what would happen if Meghan and Harry got divorced. It would be a mess given that they would be residing in two different countries. Their son wouldn’t be able to see one of them all the time. Though, Archie would probably live in America with his mother given the way the court systems work over there.

Harry will only have himself to blame for marrying someone who did not respect his way of life. If Meghan loved her husband as she claims to, she wouldn’t have made him choose between her and his family.

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