MacGyver: Mama Matty Will Do Anything To Protect Her Family


Don’t get between Matty and her family…

Something just occurred to us. Don’t mess with Matty Webber, like ever. Especially when it comes to her family. When she first appears in the second half of MacGyver Season 1 after the arrest of Patrica Thornton, Matty starts her time as the head of the Phoenix Foundation butting heads with Jack, whom she served with during their time in the CIA. She is also wary of Mac’s improvisation skills but grows to accept them. Despite her gruff personality, she has a soft spot for her team and comes to consider them as family.

Like Riley, Matty is a rigorous badass who has no problems in telling the team off for their actions. She also has a dry sense of humour which often causes Jack to cringe and shutter in the beginning. Despite her small stature, she makes up for it with her quick witted comebacks and her rather creepy ability to show up out of nowhere.

Matty’s close bond with the team shows that she is willing to protect them if necessary. Look at what happened when she confronted Riley’s father, Elwood. She told him that his daughter is part of her family and if he ever hurts her, she’ll know about it. She also shows them, tough love, when they need it. When Jack, Mac, Riley, and Bozer end up in trouble when a car bomb explodes leading the authorities to believe it was them that did it, Matty is forced to cut off all communication with them.

The reason she does this is because the last thing they needed was the Phoenix Foundation being discovered. She wanted the team to find their own way out of their situation as she couldn’t protect them and Phoenix at the same time. She also wanted to see how they could handle themselves.

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