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Home And Away: Matthew Has No Right To Chloe


If you keep up with our Home and Away postsyou’ll know our feelings regarding Mia and Chloe. Since they arrived in Summer Bay, they’ve irritated us. They flaunt their goddess complexes as if they’re angels. The current storyline revolving around Chloe’s paternity be has given us vibes that Matthew would appear early on.

Matthew is entitled and over-confident. He’s a lawyer, so of course, he’d use this to his advantage. He believes that if he blackmails Mia, he’ll get access to their daughter. Ultimately, this leaves her in a difficult position. She either tells Chloe about her conception or loses her completely.

As annoying as Chloe is, she is as entitled and self-serving as her father. However, she has fallen for the twistedness that is Matthew hook, line, and surfboard! Matthew knows what he wants, but this is the next level and not in a fun way. He has even gotten her to call him “dad”.

Nikau is basically her cousin, and Tane is her uncle too. As much as we don’t like her, she doesn’t deserve to be used as bait to get her mother to comply with her father’s demands. Yes, Chloe has every right to be upset with Mia, but she’ll regret this with whatever is coming next.

Will Chloe Kill Matthew?

There is a lot of speculation about the finale. Given what everyone is saying about Matthew potentially meeting with foul play, we believe it will be an accident. However, it won’t be unveiled until next year if we know how soap opera drama works.

She allegedly picks up a rock, but we don’t know what the result is. Assumedly, he’s the one who bites the dust. It’s a habit that soaps tend to do with their storylines regarding established characters. Home and Away did this earlier with Susie, who scammed people. There was a similar situation with Rachel Young, who caused conflict for Christian and Tori.

Matthew’s arrival as Chloe’s father was to steer Mia and Chloe into a tense confrontation but only after blackmail became involved. As difficult as it is for them, the truth; is needed.

 Finally, if Chloe does kill Matthew, it is in self-defence.

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