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Matt Reeves, Robert Pattinson, And Zoë Kravitz Give Insight Into The Batman

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We’ve spoken A HEAP about The Batman in the last few days. DC FanDome was the perfect opportunity to drop the new trailer for the upcoming film while giving insight into the story. Last week, we got a new look at Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle, thanks to director Matt Reeves.

During the panel, Reeves, Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz gifted the audience some insight into behind the scenes. IGN shared this intel on their YouTube channel. Additionally, the trio revealed that the film would not be an origin story and would instead delve into Bruce Wayne’s second year as Batman.

Moreover, this is a unique take on the Batman story. Ultimately, Superman & Lois took a similar route during its first season.

Going back to Bruce, and he’s going to be an angry individual. During the film, he will still be trying to work out who he is. Ultimately, it will be what draws Selina to him. Also, Kyle will be his opposite as her goal is to help people. According to Matt Reeves, Rob and Zoë’s chemistry on-screen translates well because they’re friends off-screen.

Selina’s journey in the film shows she is in pain. However, it will be explored during the film as part of her backstory. Moreover, it will be a rather juicy story to tell.

Insight From Matt Reeves And First Look At Alfred

Matt Reeves provided a rather interesting insight into Bruce’s psyche as he referred to the Dark Knight as a “reckless rockstar”. Moreover, this would come from his constant anger, which Alfred would have to tell him to rein in to stop him from exploding entirely.

Speaking of Alfred, we’re so glad we got a proper look at him this time. During the last trailer that came out, we heard his voice and nothing else. Here’s a still from the trailer:

When Andy Serkis’ casting was announced, we couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought of him. He has played almost every type of character over the years, but never once did we think of him playing the iconic Alfred Pennyworth. He is a perfect match for the character. Forget all the other actors who have been our favourite butler. As harsh as that might sound, Serkis is a character actor who has played Gollum, Caesar, King Kong, Klaue, and Captain Haddock. If there’s one character he can channel without hesitation, it’s Alfred.

Moving away from Andy and going back to Matt, he has given us a bit of insight into Riddler as well. Edward Nashton (note not Nigma) will be presented as a serial killer. Now, this is something we’re going to enjoy. As much as we love how twisted Joker is, we’re hoping he comes into the picture much further down the line if there’s another film. It makes more sense to have someone else be Batman’s foil early in his crime-fighting career.

The Batman drops into cinemas in early 2022.

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