Donald Trump’s Niece Hates Her Uncle Like The Rest Of Us

Mary Trump

How the mighty Trump family has fallen! The POTUS’s own niece has come out swinging!

We’ve always known that Donald Trump’s family is tight-knit, but it appears that not all his relatives think the same. However, the President’s niece, Mary Trump, the daughter of his late brother, Fred has come out swinging and it hasn’t been pretty. Meanwhile, she is reportedly going to be writing a book about her uncle which will contain salacious details according to People magazine.

It’s no secret that the Prez has been doing a terrible job in running America. Mary Trump wouldn’t be wanting to say stuff about him if it wasn’t true.

Of course, Donny Boy’s lawyers have stated that what Mary Trump is saying is not true. We know what a blowhard Donald is but his niece’s book could make him look worse.

Mary Trump’s book is slated for release in July. Whatever the book reveals about the president is going to be golden. People also revealed the work will also contain conversations with Maryanne Trump Barry, Donald and Fred’s sister. The book will retell the events of Fred’s death. Talk about juicy stuff. If that’s not enough, there’s going to be damning information that the president won’t want coming out.

One of the allegations will include Don and Fred Snr (their father) neglecting Fred Jr during the last days of his life. It has been claimed by Donald himself years before he became President of the United States that family influence might have played a part in his brother’s heavy drinking which lead to his death.

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