Mary L Trump Begins Airing Family’s Dirty Laundry

dirty laundry

US President Donald Trump had better watch his back because his niece, Mary isn’t holding back with her new book and is going to air their dirty laundry.

Mary L Trump, the niece of US President Donald Trump, isn’t holding back when it comes to her estranged family. In her new book, she is doing to be air whatever dirty laundry she can.

From what we know, Mary has been on bad terms with her uncle for the past twenty years and they were both involved in a very public court battle. She is also the daughter of the late Fred Trump Jr, Donald’s older brother. She also has a brother Fred the Third and is also a clinical psychologist.

In her eyes, Mary sees her uncle as a very dangerous man. By airing his and his family’s dirty laundry is her way of helping the outside world open their eyes to the type of guy The Donald is.

When their grandfather died, Mary and her brother Fred III contested the will. They ended up being left with a very small inheritance while the rest went to the other kids and grandkids.

How Airing The President’s Dirty Laundry Might Deter People From Voting Him Back Into Office

With a president like Trump, America has not become great again. It has become a wave tyranny and corruption. There’s been more staff firings or people quitting with almost none of his original advisors still with him. He also did a massive no-no. He allowed his son-in-law and his daughter to work with him in the white house. That’s like a medical professional being forced to perform surgery on someone they know.

Mary’s exposé is going to make people wake up to the idea of having president who is running their once great country into the ground. Airing his and his family’s dirty laundry will be a win for Mary and her brother. Her uncle thinks he is the most powerful person in the world. He better watch himself because there’s going to be secrets he won’t want getting out.

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