Why Are People So Convinced That Meghan Markle Was Married Before Trevor Engelson?

You don’t have to like everyone in the world, but to say that someone was married before without any actual proof is just stupid.

People have a right to dislike someone, but why are many royal watchers so convinced that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex was married before Trevor Engelson? That’s what we’re going to break down today. This has been annoying us for a while and the more we see the idea dragged around, the more we want to talk about it and debunk it where we can.

Before we dive into the subject, we want to make clear that it should not matter whether Meghan was married before Trevor. People are just looking for things to complain about. They are also quick to believe something made up by the tabloids to get sales. That is the whole reason we’re here; to look at whether this rumour is true or not. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

The Rumour

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[Credit: Hello! Magazine]

There is a long standing conspiracy theory that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex married in her late teenage years. From what people are claiming, the man she allegedly wed was an ‘Entertainment lawyer’ named Joe Giuliano. Keep this guy in mind, because he’s extremely important to this rumour.

Now, the rumour is believed to have been started by a tabloid newspaper. We won’t name who it is as we don’t want to get sued for calling them out. If you want to see who this ‘source’ is, go to this tweet and you’ll find an image from the tabloid the ‘story’ appeared in.

We cannot begin to stress how many people seem to believe this. Are they really that blinded to their hatred for Meghan? It would appear that way. We’re not telling anybody off for their beliefs, but the world only has so many truths.

Going back to the rumour, it is believed that the marriage between Meghan and this Joe Giuliano character was annulled. Apparently, there were a couple of alleged reasons why. One the guy’s parents realised she was a gold digger and the second is because of religious beliefs.

We also saw a Quora post earlier today where one person alleges that Meghan and ‘Joe’ had a daughter during their ‘marriage’ and that there is concrete evidence they were married. Apparently, their alleged child was raised by Samantha Markle.

According to Divorce Net, there are several reasons why an annulment should take place. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • One spouse was under age
  • One of the couple was under duress when the marriage took place
  • Lacking in mental capacity
  • Marriage took place on fraudulent grounds

Some think that an annulment can take place if a marriage has not been consummated. We cannot confirm this.

The ‘Photo’

Some claim that the photo posted below is a wedding photo.

[Credit: Pinterest]

This is not a wedding photo at all. Notice that she is wearing a corsage. I found this next photo on Quora and the Daily Mail. Because of the watermark in the corner of the photo, I won’t post it here, but I will provide the link to the Daily Mail article I was told about.

In the article, you will see that one of the photos is actually the same photo as the one we posted above from Pinterest. It is a larger photo with other people in it as it is a photo from Meghan’s teenage years when she attended prom in high school or some dance. Also, the man in the photo with her is not Joe Giuliano. If the Daily Mail article is correct, the guy in the photo was a friend of hers named Gian Carlo who was her date to this one event.

Just a quick note, we would not normally use the Daily Mail as a source, but it’s the only one that keeps coming up when regards to this topic.

The Records

If Meghan and Joe Giuliano were married and then annulled, there would be some kind of proof online or otherwise. It’s possible that the records were sealed but why would they need to be when this isn’t a criminal case?

Also, during the time that this ‘marriage’ would’ve taken place, Meghan was still friends with Ninaki Priddy. If the former actress had married this alleged true ‘first’ husband, wouldn’t she have said something?

For those who aren’t aware, even an annulment has paperwork. It also has to go through the courts to show that it actually took place. The prom photos in the Daily Mail article were taken around 1999.

Also, the ‘alleged daughter’ of Meghan and Joe is believed to possibly to be Noel Rasmussen who is the youngest child of Samantha, Markle’s half-sister. We can prove that this is false.

According to an article by, Noel has said that her mother, Samantha is a ‘liar’ and ‘abusive’.

Also, if Meghan was Noel’s mother, Samantha would’ve told her when they were still talking. Also, Meghan would never have abandoned a child. This would’ve been all over the news and it isn’t her MO. Also, the timeline doesn’t add up.

Noel was born around 1998, the same year as the prom photos were taken. Depending on when she was born in the year, Meghan would’ve had to be pregnant during the school year. Someone would’ve taken photos of her with a baby bump.

Our Views

Do we think Meghan Markle, the now Duchess of Sussex was married to Joe Giuliano? No, we do not. If there is no concrete evidence, then the marriage never happened. It is as simple as that. We cannot even find evidence that Meghan even dated this dude. We found two guys with the same name but no reference to the former royal was made.

The first guy is a lawyer based in New York, Joseph M. Giuliano. He looks too old to be even associated with Meghan.

Our second Joe is Joseph J. Goldman-Giuliano who attended Northwestern University – Meghan’s alter mater and is a criminal lawyer. Not an Entertainment lawyer, like claimed. Please note, there is no proof that they attended at the same time or knew each other, despite what the below screenshot claims.

[Credit: jerseydeanneandfriends]

Also, we found this in regards to Noel:

[Credit: Twitter]

Note the last Tweet on the screenshot. This is allegedly from Samantha Markle herself who says that Noel is her daughter and she was born in 1998. We can only assume it is her given the photos on her Twitter account, which is still active and are personal. The profile image is one of the two Markle sisters together when the now-Duchess of Sussex was just a baby.

Now, we cannot stand Samantha either, but she would have no reason to lie about Noel being her child. Also, her daughter would’ve said something when she spoke about Meghan.

The tabloids love making things up and will do anything to get people to buy their crap. We’re not going to believe anything unless something comes out officially which is unlikely.

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