Marriage Certificate Indicates That Harry And Meghan Did NOT Get Married Three Days Prior To Spectacle

marriage Certificate

Another lie debunked! Harry and Meghan’s marriage certificate proves they did not marry three days prior to public wedding…

Remember Meghan’s comment to Oprah that she and Harry married secretly three days before the large public wedding that cost millions of pounds? Well, The Sun has provided proof that they did NOT marry when the Duchess of Sussex claimed. Despite the tiny font, you can make out in the date column on the marriage certificate that it says the the 19th May 2018 but the number written as a word. Because it has a watermark, we’re not going to post it here. If you want to see it for yourself, click the link above.

Now, regarding Meghan’s claim, she likely thought the wedding rehearsal was a ‘private wedding’. Or it could’ve been a blessing ceremony or even a private exchange of vows. Meghan even claimed they had something hanging above their wedding as proof. Someone has said it was a photo while others claim it is a sheet with vows. We honestly don’t think it exists.

What The Former Chief Clerk At The Faulty Office Has Said And What A Vicar Has Claimed

In the aforementioned The Sun article, the former Chief Clerk at the Faulty Office, Stephen Borton said the following regarding Meghan’s claims of a secret wedding:

I’m sorry, but Meghan is obviously confused and clearly misinformed. They did not marry three days earlier in front of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Stephen Borton – former Chief Clerk at the Faulty Office

We also wrote a piece just the other day about what a vicar has said about the whole situation. For everything that we discussed, be sure to check that post out.

A marriage certificate doesn’t lie. If it were fake, then the union is invalid meaning it’s not legal.

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