Why We’re Already Loving Marquis Jet!


Batwoman keeps hitting a high with its third season. We’re a handful of episodes in and loving the advancement in the story with Ryan finding her metaphorical sea legs. Surprisingly, Alice was telling the truth about Ryan’s biological mother. Little did she realise that she had a big brother out there in Marquis Jet, Jada’s son.

Don’t allow Marquis’ good looks and charms to fool you. Much like his younger sister, their mother, Jada, sees him as nothing more than a commodity, as someone she is trying to mould into another version of herself. Unfortunately for her, he sees through her ploy.

As Marquis tells Ryan, he has dealt with Jada’s coldness and full-on bitchness all his life. What makes him such an intriguing character is how accepting he is of his baby sister. Since their mother never told him about her, he pieced together everything himself. Smart man and hot too.

He has a big heart, which is something Jada doesn’t appear to have at all. Marquis has already come to love Ryan, despite not knowing her. He identifies with her when it comes to their mother’s unwillingness to be a parent to them.

Smarts Run In The Family

Marquis’ ability to identify Ryan as his sister surprised us. Most other people would’ve asked questions however, he jumped to the chase straight away, showing he can piece clues together as well as Sherlock Holmes can.

There’s no doubt he gets this skill from having Jada as a mother. However, he uses his smarts to help people, not bring them down. However, much like his mama dearest, Marquis tends to hide his motives. Though, he reveals his sources when he is confronted. One example comes from last week’s episode when Sophie and Ryan question how he knew where Jordan had been taken.

However, Marquis is not malicious, nor is he vindictive. He wants to know his sister, despite what his mother wants which is to ruin her daughter whom she views as a mistake.

Marquis And Ryan: Sibling Goals!

While we’re yet to Marquis and Ryan officially team up against their mother’s tyrannical rule, we’re already getting sibling goals.

Ryan, despite always having wanted to know about her birth mother, is reluctant to let her brother in. But she feels somewhat comfortable enough around him to know that they’ll never live up to Jada’s expectations. Marquis, despite having only appeared in two episodes so far, is someone that our new bat lady will need in her corner.

Sure, she has Luke, Mary, and Sophie and yes, Alice, but if there’s one person who understands what she’s going through regarding Jada, it’s Marquis. Though, will she be able to trust him? Whose side is he on truly? Is he using her to settle an agenda with their mother? Could he be trying to spy on her for Jada? Or could he be telling the truth and wants to join forces to take Jada down a few pegs?

Whatever is going on there, it’ll be fun to watch as Marquis and Ryan’s sibling bond develops further. Oooh! We can’t wait to see Jada’s face when she realises her children are going against her.

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