Meet Marjorie Taylor Greene – The Woman Who Wants To Impeach Joe Biden


Marjorie Taylor Greene is nothing more than one of Trump’s lapdogs…

We hadn’t even heard of Marjorie Taylor Greene until about a week ago. She’s a Republican with a real love of conspiracy theories. Oh, and she’s one of former President Donald Trump’s most loyal lapdogs. There is also something else. She wants to have Joe Biden impeached. For what you might ask. Well, according to her, he is abusing his power.

Marjorie, being a new congresswoman, has almost zero influence. However, there are some people who will support her. After all, she does believe in the QAnon conspiracy theory.

The woman thinks she can launch impeachment proceedings against a man who has done NOTHING wrong. Also, there are calls from advocacy groups for her to resign, according to Refinery29. Why? Because she encouraged violence against Democrats in resurfaced Facebook posts as per The Hill.

We don’t really care who she is. She’s one of Trump’s legacies who would likely follow him to the ends of the Earth. Her love of QAnon is enough to make us think that she is one of those psychos who thinks the world is ending. Oh…wait… she is.

Marjorie even had her Twitter account suspended for twelve hours a few days ago because she was spreading misinformation about the election. Now, we don’t actually know if she did launch Impeachment paperwork or whatever. There’s only been a handful of reports on it.

Honestly, Marjorie doesn’t warrant enough thinking power in our brains to even think twice about it. She’s just another of Trump’s lackeys who should be expelled from politics for following a man who couldn’t have cared less about the country he swore to serve.

Biden has nothing to worry about. Marjorie isn’t that much of a threat. If anything she is just a splattered bug on the windshield of a Mack truck.

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