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Home And Away: Marilyn’s Out Of Control!


Summer Bay almost lost one of its beloved daughters, Marilyn Chambers to the chemical attack where Tane Parata was the primary target. No one could’ve predicted the fallout of what befalls Maz. Quite frankly, it’s a horrifying realisation that we didn’t want to see, but it’s too juicy not to discuss.

While Leah ended up being fine after she passes out, Marilyn was a different story. New doctor, Logan Bennett did all the tests he had to on Maz and they ended up being clear. However, a week later, she collapses and becomes paralysed. When she awoke from her sedation sometime later, her personality had changed and not in a good way.

She takes a swipe at her ex-husband, John for simply being a good friend, saying that he shouldn’t be with sitting with her when he has a “girlfriend”. Then, when Irene tries to help her, she is accused of being nosy. Furthermore, when Logan attempts to intervene and asks her to go back to the hospital for more tests, she rebuffs him, threatening to scream if he comes near her.

In Thursday’s triple billing, Logan, Irene, and Mac try to come up with a plan to assess Marilyn without her knowing. However, the plan falls flat on its face. After Marilyn quits her job at the diner, she starts her own “business” in Tarot reading.

Logan goes for “a reading” and attempts to get a look at how she’s functioning. However, she catches on and tells him to leave her alone. She then complains to the hospital board where she claims he was negligent with her care. Mac only makes it worse for her boyfriend when she confronts Marilyn.

Brutal To Everyone

Marilyn isn’t usually someone who likes to rock the boat, so to speak. However, her new personality is becoming unpredictable as she has been saying horrible things to her friends and brushing off their concerns. This is what is concerning Irene because she has known Maz for years. Moreover, this personality shift is beginning to damage her relationships.

Also, Marilyn suddenly doesn’t care what she does. She walked in on Justin and Leah in bed and says she has access to the house and goes where she wants since she still has the key Tori gave her when she babysat Grace. Essentially, she walks around like she owns the place.

While a lot of people on social media are applauding this storyline, many like us, are not. This is a very uncomfortable position to see Marilyn in, especially if you’ve been watching Home and Away for years.

It’s unnerving to see Marilyn be someone she has never been before. Emily Symons must be having an absolute ball playing Maz in this way as she has been the same for years.

What Could Happen Next?

To end this post, we wanted to predict what could come next for Marilyn. Knowing the way soap operas work, she is going to snap out of it eventually. We know that she’s having trouble sleeping and she spoke about her marriage to John with Leah. However, we don’t know what else they discussed as they stayed up for hours talking and it was all done off-screen.

What we hope happens is that she realises she cannot continue pushing her friends away. She says that she doesn’t want people looking out for her. This is not the Marilyn we know and love. Irene, Logan, Mac, Justin, Ryder, and Leah have all tried to do something but she’s not listening. It could be a while until Alf and Roo return from their time with Martha, so they’re not going to be able to help out in this situation.

In conclusion, the only person Marilyn will listen to is Alf. With him out of the situation at the moment, there isn’t much anyone can do unless Marilyn wakes up to what she is doing on her own. If we had to guess, she might have PSTD from the chemical attack. Hopefully, this storyline is resolved by the time the Season finale rolls around in a few weeks.

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