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There’s loving and then there’s manipulative…

This post probably won’t win us very many fans, but it had to be said. Meghan Markle is manipulative towards her husband. There is a huge difference between loving someone and controlling them. On the outside, what she does with Prince Harry in public might seem kind and adoring, but the more it happens, the more there seems to be something going on below the surface that we can’t see.

Before we continue, we want to say that this post is purely speculative and based on observation. We’re not professionals in body language in any way, shape, or form. This is just our thoughts and opinions, so please. Don’t jump down our throats and say we’re bashing the Sussexes. We’re not. It’s called investigative journalism for a reason.

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Clutching Of Harry’s Arm During Public Engagements

When Harry and Meghan were on joint engagements when they were working royals, Markle would clutch his arm and on several occasions, steer him in the direction she wanted. While this might appear to be a sweet gesture between a wife and her husband, it’s unprofessional when you’re working. If they were out in public in a non-official capacity, go ahead but the more this occurred, the stranger it looked.

Here are a few photos that back up our claim:

Now, before people jump on us about the first photo, we know it is their engagement announcement and they were loved up. But, we have reason to believe this is where the arm holding started as we don’t see Meghan hanging off Harry when they were dating.

This manipulative gesture shows Meghan is the one in charge and wants her husband in her line of sight the whole time. She does not want him talking to people unless she is there.

The Constant Hand Holding

Like with the clutching of Harry’s arm that Meghan seemed to love doing when they were senior royals, she adores holding his hand. Again, if they were out on the town like a normal couple, sure. But, not while you’re working. You don’t see William and Catherine or Edward and Sophie doing this.

When William and Catherine were first married, they did hold hands the day after the wedding. Over the years, we’ve seen them share a few tender moments together in public, but nothing over the top. The same applies to Edward and Sophie. These two couples can keep their hands to themselves.

However, with Harry and Meghan, they overshare their PDAs. For Meghan, her need to be manipulative towards her husband is obvious. She doesn’t want him going anywhere. He has to remain at her side at ALL TIMES. Here are a few examples:

The Sussex Squad sees this gesture as being sweet and the couple being ‘in love’. However, the average person who has enough sense to observe what is going on overtime, opinions are not the same as the Pro-Meghan lackeys.

Also, you never saw Meghan holding her first husband, Trevor Engelson’s hand in public.

[Credit: Town & Country Magazine]

When you look at the footage of Harry and Meghan during the Oprah interview, you can see how tightly MM is holding her husband’s hand. Also, her hand is over the top of his with her fingers between his. Whether or not he realises what she is doing, when he goes to speak, she squeezes his hand to ensure he doesn’t say too much. This shows not only that she is the one in charge, but it shows who is meant to be the star of the tell-all; her.

Pats/Places Hand On Harry’s Back/Barges Past Him

Now, this next one might not seem manipulative as you see William and Catherine do it too. But, as we’ve said, it is a pattern with Harry and Meghan. We often see MM pat her husband on the back or places a hand on his back to tell him to stop and allow her to go first. We’ll get to that part in a moment.

Let’s observe, shall we?

YouTube account, FILTER’D did a break down of all the times Meghan and Harry overshared PDAs, and they branded it, unprofessional and not ‘so in love’ as the Sugars would say. They even compared it to William and Catherine who understand the rule of not displaying PDA.

Meghan believes herself to be the royal and that Harry is simply her arm candy. She doesn’t like walking behind a man as she has always gone first as the ‘independent’ woman.

Harry is very easily lead. He is desperate to protect his wife from befalling the same fate as his mother, but he doesn’t realise is doing. She WANTS to be Princess Diana reincarnated as Ninaki Priddy has said. Also, has anyone noticed that Meghan treats her husband like he’s her pet?

For all the Sussex fans out there who will say that Meghan’s hand on Harry’s back is affectionate and a sign of support, it’s not. There is footage of a rather awkward moment prior to the wedding where Markle ‘bumps’ into her future husband at an engagement they did. Here’s the video from the Daily News YouTube Channel. We all know it was no accident.

Manipulative Meghan Talks Over Harry

There are numerous moments in time where Meghan has spoken over Harry. We know how much she loves making a situation about herself. She cuts across Harry several times during the engagement interview and she does it again during the Oprah ‘tell-all’ as seen in this still from the interview:

[Credit: Daily Telegraph]

See how she has to touch Harry to make him stop talking so she can insert her five cents? You can see that some of old Harry has surfaced given the look on his face. If we had to guess, he’s thinking, ‘Oh, shut up and let me finish.’

However, there could be several reasons why Harry is allowing his wife to talk over him. The first is he can’t stop her, plain and simple. The last thing he would want is her throwing a tantrum and earning a look of utter disdain. Thinking about it, the second reason is that he is playing a part where he is the devoted husband who never tells his wife ‘no’.

Making People Laugh At Harry

Meghan has a way of bending a crowd to her will. Look at what happened at Prince Charles’ 70th birthday garden party. This was a few days after the wedding and the Duke of Sussex was doing a speech when a bee started to harass him. His wife then started laughing and almost everyone else followed suit. YouTubers Murky Meg and Celt Views both spoke about that this at length. In fact, Celt did two videos so be sure to check them out here and here.

If Harry had been allergic to the bee then she wouldn’t find it so funny as it could’ve killed him.

Another instance was when Meghan and Harry were at an event and something happened and Meghan basically encouraged all the women to laugh at him. What woman in their right mind would encourage other women to laugh at their partner for the sake of entertainment? Whether he knew what she was doing is anyone’s guess but only a full-blown bully would force someone to do something like this.

Dressing Like Diana

Now, this next point we’ve addressed before. Meghan wants to be Princess Diana 2.0. There is no denying this for a moment. Her former best friend, Ninaki Priddy told the Daily Mail in 2017 that her former best friend was fascinated by the royal family. They even took a trip to London when they were teenagers.

lies; copycat; disney princess
[Credit: When in Manila]

Even Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha has said that her manipulative younger sibling copied Diana’s mannerisms. She made this claim on a Melbourne radio show as reported by where she even mentioned the rumour that Meghan wore one of Diana’s perfumes on her first date with Harry.

We’ve also gone over some Meghan’s fashion choices which obviously influenced by her Diana obsession. Check these photos out:

We’ve also included some of the mannerisms that Meghan has done. Just Look at the Hello! Magazine cover compared with the photo of Meghan in Africa.

Seeing his wife dress just like his mother is bound to be really triggering for Harry. This would be an indirect form of torture as he would be constantly reminded of her death. It would also be a constant reminder that he has to ‘protect’ Markle from the ‘same powerful forces’ that took Diana away from him.

Using The Diana Narrative

Diana; manipulative
[Credit: GQ]

It’s no secret that Diana’s death was tragic and how the world mourned alongside her sons for a life lost too soon. Yes, the paparazzi were horrible, but Meghan was not targeted in the same way the Princess of Wales was and that of her sister-in-law, Catherine.

However, one manipulative tactic Meghan uses to keep Harry in check is to constantly remind him of how she could die like his mother. Here’s the thing. Markle courts the press. She craves attention and has to be in the media in order to keep herself ‘relevant’.

What Meghan doesn’t realise is that Diana also courted the press. She used them to shape her own narrative. If you watch the Oprah interview, Markle uses several elements of Diana’s life to fit her own story. Now before we jump into this, we want to mention that this includes the mention of suicide and mental illness. We’re not knocking the claims and are just making an observation.

  • Meghan mentions when she was pregnant with Archie, she wanted to end her life because of the pressures of being a royal. Diana said something similar where she mentioned throwing herself down a flight of stairs while several months pregnant with William.
  • Diana mentioned in an interview that she wasn’t taught how to be a royal and was thrown in the deep end. Meghan makes the same claim, despite this being false as she had help in the form of Samantha Cohen as reported by Harper’s Bazaar in December 2018.
  • Meghan claims to have been depressed during her time as a royal. Diana had depression and a series of mental health issues in her lifetime, this was reported by WWD.

Not Using Harry’s Name

One of Meghan’s biggest manipulative tactics is one we’ve spoken about before. She seems to hate using Harry’s name. She is always referring to him as ‘H’ or ‘my husband’ as if she owns him. Though, to be fair, he refers to her as ‘my wife’. Ah, duh! You don’t need to keep rubbing it in our faces that you’re married. We get it. Much of the world watched the wedding.

The reason we say that Meghan is using this as manipulation is that she believes she has the upper hand and that the whole world is stupid. She has Harry on a very short leash. It’s possible that she has to approve anything he does to avoid him screwing up their brand of ‘compassion’.

The Race And Bullying Cards

So, we’ve decided to put these next two points together as we’ve covered them both a number of times. Meghan loves using the manipulative race and bullying cards to reel Harry and the world into her web. Over the last few months, we’ve spoken about the allegations against Meghan made by Kensington Palace staff that she was downright horrible to them.

Because of these allegations, Kensington Palace has started a probe into the situation. The investigation would also examine Meghan’s behaviour during the Australia Tour.

Meghan knows how to play the manipulative card as she claims she was the victim of bullying and that the allegations against her were a smear campaign. She also loves saying that the royal family and the UK as a whole were racist towards her. Umm… the photos on her wedding day tell a very different story.

Also, the royal family was very welcoming towards her as seen here:

Also, if the royal family were racist, then she would not have been allowed to marry Harry, to begin with, and the Kingdom Choir would not have performed at the wedding. Meghan seems to forget how multicultural her wedding was.

Harry falls for this hook, line, and sinker. He believes it is his job to protect her from such threats. Believe it or not, he actually did put out a statement when he and Meghan were dating regarding how the press was being racist. The statement, which is still available on the official royal website is dated November 8th, 2016. He seems to have forgotten this.

Manipulative Speech Buzzwords

Meghan has rubbed off on Harry and has him using the same word salad buzzwords she does. YouTuber Pilot Hardy did three brilliant videos on how often they use the same words.

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